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Individual total 2 more than 0.5

Bookmakers accept bets on the individual total 2 more than 0.5 – a bet on the number of productive actions of the guests.

For the bookmaker platforms user to receive a win, 1 goal, a thrown puck, or a game won by the guests is needed.

If the match is held on neutral ground, the client of the betting company bets on the team or athlete specified in the line second.

How to place a bet on ITO2 (0.5) More

To place a bet, the user must register with a bookmaker and fund the account.

At Nigerian legal bookmakers, the players undergo identification. It's only after confirming the identity, the bookmaker accepts money from the client and allows betting.

You can create an account with a bookmaker in the Nigeria since 18.

Designation at the bookmaker and where to find

In the bookmaker's listing, a bet on the individual total 2 more than 0.5 is written as ITO2 (0.5). Instead of the number "2" in the market designation, the bookmaker may specify the name of the team or athlete.

Clients can find the ITO2 (0.5) market in the additional listing on the page with the full list of options for placing the bet.

In the French Ligue 1, "Lens" plays away. The ITB2 (0.5) market equivalent – placing a bet on "Lens" totals more than 0.5 with the odds of 1.31.

How to use in sports betting

The individual total 2 over 0.5 is likely to win if the fan is confident in the guest field's productive actions.


Mainly, bookmakers include markets on ITO2 (0.5) in the football line, in hockey, the market is popular in bets on the productivity of individual periods.

Football (Soccer)

The following factors indicate the choice of betting in football:

  • the away team is a favorite, the guests are better prepared, strive to win, and should score at least 1 goal;
  • the second team practices an attacking style of play, and scores a minimum of 2 goals per match; the best forwards of the guests participate in the meeting;
  • the hosts have objective problems in defence, for example, the main goalkeeper or key defenders are missing due to injuries and disqualifications.

Weather and turf quality can affect productivity. If the game takes place in heavy rain or on a bad field, it is more difficult for both teams to create dangerous moments and score - it is better for the bookmaker's client not to place on the total more.

Ice Hockey

In hockey, predicting how events will develop in a match before the start is difficult - it is better to bet on ITB2 (0.5) live. The user will assess the course of the meeting and understand whether the guests will strive to attack.

For example, if the away team is leading after the first 20 minutes with a score of 2:0, it is likely that in the next period, the team will try to maintain the advantage and play well defensively - it is better not to place on ITB2 (0.5).

If the guests are losing with a score of 0:3 after the first period, the team will attack in the second 20 minutes. The team must reduce the score deficit before the last quarter and return chances for victory or overtime.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
To pass the bet, only 1 effective action from the second team or athlete is enough - the outcome of the match does not matter The market is absent in painting for most sports
To assess the probability of the outcome, it is enough to analyze the condition and statistics of 1 team or player in an individual discipline  
A common type of bet in the football and hockey line  


Bets on individual total 2 over 0.5 allow the bookmaker's client to profit with minimal guest effectiveness, regardless of the game outcome. Suitable for placing a bet are football matches and hockey periods.


How is the over 0.5 individual total 2 calculated in football?

In football matches, a bet on over 0.5 individual total 2 wins if the visiting team scores at least 1 goal.

How is the individual total of 2 more than 0.5 calculated in hockey?

In the hockey line, bookmaker's offices mainly accept bets on individual total of 2 more than 0.5 in the period. If the visiting team scores at least 1 puck, the bet will win.

How is the individual total 2 more than 0.5 calculated in basketball?

In the basketball line, there are no bets on the individual total 2 more than 0.5 due to the high effectiveness of the discipline.

What odds do bookmakers offer on Ind. total 2 more (0.5)?

In the football listings, the odds for a guest team's goal in the match are 1.10–1.50.

In hockey, you can bet on 1 puck in the meeting from the guests with the odds of 1.02–1.04, in a separate period – 1.10–1.30.

Can bets be made live on ITO2 (0.5) more?

Yes, bookmakers accept bets on ITO2 (0.5) during matches.

What does ITB 2 (0.5) over mean and when does the bet win?

A bet on ITO 2 (0.5) is a bet on a goal or a scored puck by the away team. The betting company user will profit if the team scores at least 1 goal or scores 1 puck.


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