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Individual Total 1 Over 2 in Sports Betting

In betting offices, 'individual total 1 over 2' refers to a bet on the hosts' productivity or the first team in the bookmaker's line. This is a way of placing a bet with insurance. The bookmaker will return the bet amount to the player if the team does not score more than two goals in the match.

What is a bet on individual total 1 over 2?

The bet is common in the listings for football and hockey championships; the bookmaker marks the market in the line ITO1 (2).

For the client to make a profit, it is necessary to have 3 successful actions from the hosts or the team specified first in the line, if the game takes place on neutral territory.

If 2 goals or pucks are thrown in the match, the bookmaker calculates the bet with a coefficient of 1.00.

Before placing an individual total 1 more than 2 bets and reaching high odds, the player needs to choose a high-performance favourite and follow the team's performance on their home field.

How to use this in sports betting?

Players place bets on ITO1 (2) on matches of a club with a strong attacking game tactic on their own field.

The benefits for users:

  • analysis of indicators and statistics of only 1 team;
  • the effectiveness of the guests does not affect the result of the bet;
  • the outcome of the meeting and the exact score do not matter for the win.

Examples of how the bet works: win, loss, and return

Examples of bet calculations will help beginners understand the individual total 1 more than 2.

The client of the betting company placed 2000 naira on ITO1 (2) in the Champions League playoffs for the match "Bruges" - "Benfica" with odds of 8.20.

Calculation options:

  1. The Belgian club scores 3 goals or more. Winning: 2000 * 8.2 = 16400 naira will be received by the user.
  2. “Bruges” players score twice. The number of goals matched the indicator in the market. The bookmaker processes the return and sends the bet amount to the client's account.
  3. Home players score once or fail to overcome the defense of a Portuguese club - the bet loses.

The betting strategy of individual totals 1 over 2

Betting on a total 1 over 2 at home and winning is assisted by working strategies.

Factors to choose ITO1 (2):

  • at home, a motivated favorite is playing, the team needs to win the upcoming meeting;
  • the leader regularly scores - on average, from 2 goals or pucks in the last 10 matches;
  • strong forwards are playing in the home team; they regularly create dangerous moments at the opponents' goal - the sportsbook user expects many strikes on target;
  • there are no injured and disqualified athletes in the host field's attacking line;
  • the guests have problems in defense, key defenders or the goalkeeper are absent, and the team conceded on average 2 goals in the previous 10 games.

When all or most of the specified criteria coincide, the client of a betting company bets on ITO1 (2).


Understanding what an individual total 1 over 2, will open up many opportunities for a betting company's client to bet on personal statistical indicators of teams in hockey and football. Bookmakers offer high quotes on ITO, bets are included in the painting of most companies.


What is the bet Individual Total 1 Over 2?

The market Individual Total 1over 2 is a bet with insurance on the host team's score in football or hockey. To win the bet, the home team needs to score 3 goals or more. If two goals are scored, the bookmaker will calculate the bet with a refund at odds of 1.00.

In which case is an individual total 1 betover 2 appropriate?

An individual total 1 bet over 2 is appropriate when a motivated favorite plays at home with strong forwards in good shape.

Can one rely on the betting strategy of over/under 1 over 2?

For the betting strategy of over/under 1 over 2 to work, the user needs to analyze the results and statistical indicators of the home team. If the team scores regularly and is intent on a convincing victory in the upcoming match, it's worth choosing over 1 (2).


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