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Total Over 0.5 goals what it means in bet - TO 0.5 meaning - VP-Bet Nigeria

Total over 0.5 is a popular type of bet in bookmaker's offices. TO 0.5 is a bet on at least 1 team's scoring action.

The bet wins if the selected side scores a goal, the number of scoring actions does not matter.

New players need to understand what over 0.5 team total means, how to place a bet and how the bet is calculated in order to successfully bet on this famous market.

What is Over 0.5 in Individual Total Sports Betting

Over 0.5 IT is often found in football, hockey, basketball, and tennis betting.

In football

The most popular bet on over 0.5 IT in football is on a team's goal. Additionally, bookmakers offer bets on a team's result in halves and parts.

A single team's goal is enough to win a bet on over 0.5 IT in football

For popular matches in many bookmakers, you can find markets for individual football players and statistical parameters - removal, penalty, hitting the bar or crossbar, goal on minority, and other options.

In hockey

The classic over 0.5 IT option in hockey is on a hockey club's goal. Fans rarely bet on the outcome due to low bookmaker's odds - up to 1.15–1.20.

Bookmaker clients often choose over 0.5 IT in a period.

For KHL and NHL games, bookmakers offer betting options on over 0.5 IT for individual player actions.

In tennis

You can place bets on over 0.5 IT for statistical parameters - aces and double faults in tennis.

Not all bookmakers add offers on the outcome, and only for important matches.

In basketball

In basketball, you can encounter markets on a player's statistics, for example, on blocks, interceptions, fouls, and turnovers.

Block is one of the options for betting on over 0.5 IT in basketball

Outcomes on over 0.5 IT in basketball are formed by individual bookmakers for NBA, Euroleague, and VTB United League matches.

How to Bet on ITB 0.5

Betting on ind. total 0.5 more in football and hockey can be found at all bookmakers, in basketball and tennis - at sportsbooks with a detailed list of statistics on essential meetings.

Marking at a bookmaker and where to find

Bookmakers display the market in football and hockey in the main list of matches.

The designation of the market depends on the bookmaker - "Total team N 0.5 over", "Individual total team N 0.5 over", "Team N will score: yes" and other options.

Betting on ITO in football halves, hockey periods and time intervals are presented in the list of time slices.

Individual total over on static and personal indicators of teams and players in football, hockey, basketball and tennis can be found in the statistics tab.

How to Use This in Sports Betting

Individual total 0.5 over - a simple kind of bets in bookmaker companies on football and hockey.

When making a deal, bookmaker's clients assess:

  • class and tournament position of rivals;
  • the productivity of participants;
  • results of recent and personal confrontations of teams;
  • lineups, form and motivation of competitors;
  • home arena factor, weather conditions in football.


It is possible to place bets on the outcome within a particular strategy or without a game model.

For example, many players bet on a clear favourite's goal in the first half with odds ranging from 1.40 to 1.60 or an outsider's goal in a match.

Good effectiveness is demonstrated by placing express bets on ITO in football and hockey, in the match as a whole and in specific segments. The optimal number of outcomes in the express is 3-5.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Availability in football and hockey listings Low rates on individual totals of football favorites, hockey teams
Ability to bet on football, hockey, tennis and basketball statistics  
Simple pre-match analysis and favorable odds  


The individual total over 0.5 is a fundamental football and hockey market.

In football, fans bet on the team's ITO in half-time or the outsider in the match due to more favourable odds. In hockey, you can choose ITO by periods and intervals.

When placing bets, it is essential to conduct a detailed analysis to consider all the components and increase the chances of winning.


How is the individual total over 0.5 calculated in football?

The deal will be successful if the chosen team scores a goal in the match, half, or interval depending on the type of bet. In the case of no goal scored, the bookmaker will win the bet.

How is the individual total over 0.5 calculated in hockey?

A bet will win if the team scores at least 1 puck in the match, period or segment depending on the chosen market. If no puck is scored, the bet will lose.

What odds do bookmakers offer on the individual total over (0.5)?

The odds of the outcome depend on the type of sport, the team, and the segment's duration - a whole match or a specific interval. For example, in football, the average odds on ITU of favourites are 1.15-1.30, and outsiders - 1.40-1.60.

Can you place live bets on TO (0.5)?

It's possible to bet on individual and total TO of 0.5 or more in life.

What does ITO (0.5) mean and when does the bet win?

ITO (0.5) - a deal for at least one effective action from the selected side. The bet will win if the team, for example, scores a goal or throws a puck.


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