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Individual Total Meaning

An individual total is a bet on the scoring actions of a team or athlete.

At Russian and foreign bookmaker's offices, they bet on individual total more or less - ITU or ITO.

The market is famous in many sports.

For a winning IT bet, the result of only 1 club, team player or individual discipline athlete is essential.

For betting newcomers, it is essential to understand what an individual total in a bookmaker's office means in order to correctly choose a market for betting.

Features of Individual Total Betting

The main thing when placing a bet on the individual total of a team or athlete is to correctly assess the strength of the side and choose the correct total value.

When it's best to place a total bet

Experienced players bet on the ITU of the favourite or a promising outsider; for example, in a moral match, they choose the opposite outcome on the outsider or an unmotivated favourite.

Bets on the market are placed pre-match and during the competition.

When it's better not to bet on the total

Sporting events that are not worth betting on TO and TU are rare. In most meetings, at least 1 of the bets on IT will bring victory to the fan.


Types available

Types of individual totals:

  • over and under;
  • whole and fractional;
  • European and Asian;
  • even and odd;
  • exact amount.

Over or under

OV – the number of successful actions will exceed the market value.

UN – the number of successful actions will not reach the market value.

Whole and fractional

Betting on fractional values implies only 2 outcomes – win or lose.

When placing a bet on the whole market values, a return is provided when the number of successful actions matches the market value.

European and Asian

European markets are multiples of 0.5 or 1, providing a complete account of the bet win, loss or refund.

Asian markets are multiples of 0.25 or 0.75. When placing bets on Asian markets, the bookmaker splits the amount in half between the nearest totals; each bet is calculated separately.

The Asian market provides for a full win or loss, win and refund or loss and refund.

Asian individuals total 1.75, betting on OV 1.5 and OV 2. If the team scores precisely 2 goals, OV 1.5 wins, the bookmaker will refund OV 2.

Even or odd

Even or odd – a bet on an even or odd number of successful actions.

Bookmakers give equal odds for even and odd – the probability of winning each bet is 50%.

Exact amount

Exact amount – a bet on the number of successful actions by a participant in the game.

To win, you need to guess 1 exact value. Bookmakers give high quotes for the outcome – from 2.00–3.00.

Pros and Cons of Betting on Individual Total

Advantages Disadvantages
Availability in almost all types of sports Probability of deep stakes when betting on totals is higher - most bookmaker clients bet on OT and ignore UT
Simple sports analysis
No need to guess the exact match result
Many effective betting strategies

Team Total in Football

Bookmakers offer bets on a football team's performance, corners, cards, and individual players.


Bettors wager on whether a team's goal tally will be above or below a given line.

A goal by the Croatian national team against the Russian national team at World Cup 2018

A bet on Over 1.5 expects the team to score at least 2 goals.

Over 2 will win if the team scores 3 goals. If they score 2, the operator will refund the bet, otherwise the bet loses.


Football fans bet on the number of corner kicks in a match. Such statistics are not available to all bookmakers.

A bet on Under 7.5 is successful if the team does not make more than 7 corner kicks.

Individual Player

Fans bet on whether a player will score, assist, or contribute to a goal.

If Lionel Messi scores at least one goal in the Bayern vs PSG match, a bet on Messi's Over 0.5 will win.


Bookmakers offer bets on a player's Total Yellow Cards.

Warnings given to players on the bench or during breaks are not included in the yellow card count.

A bet on Over 2 yellow cards wins if the team's players receive at least two warnings.


Professional bettors use the following strategies when betting on team totals in football:

  • bets on a team's over or under 1 by a tournament trend;
  • betting over 0.5 in the first half when there's a clear favourite and an underdog;
  • betting Over or Under on corners for the underdog depending on the importance of the match and the performance of the attacking team;
  • bets on Over-yellow cards for a team with a number of aggressive players and a strict referee.
Effective strategies for betting on team totals in football can be found on the Vprognoze website.


The most common bet on totals is the number of goals scored by a team. A proper pre-match analysis includes an evaluation of:

  • the tournament setting;
  • recent results and head-to-head records;
  • the number of goals scored and conceded by both sides;
  • the lineups.

Predicting the number of corners and yellow cards is harder and more reliant on chance. A team attacking throughout the match might only win 3–4 corners, while the defensive team might earn 6–7 corners.

Bettors take more risk and get higher odds when they bet on individual players to score.

Over the long term, it can be profitable to bet on scoring exploits of key forwards, who tend to find the net in every other match.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Availability of team totals Statistical wagers are significantly influenced by chance
Simple analysis  
A large number of value odds on corners and yellow cards  

Individual Total in Hockey

The individual total in hockey is a bet on the number of pucks scored, penalty time minutes, or shots on goal.

Total Pucks Scored

In the hockey spreads of bookmakers, you can find offers on IT for teams in terms of pucks scored.

Hockey empty net goal

In hockey, individual totals from 1.5 to 4.5 are more common. Most bookmaker clients choose ITO or ITU 1.5 or 2.5.

The bet on IT over 2 wins if the club scores at least 3 goals.

Penalty Time Total

The penalty time total is a bet on the amount of penalty minutes a team will receive.

In hockey, there are 2-minute dismissals, double 2-minute dismissals, significant 5-minute dismissals, and match penalties.

Bookmakers offer markets on ITO and ITU for 2-minute dismissals.

To win an ITO dismissal bet of 3.5, a fan expects the team to receive at least 4 penalty minutes.

Shots on Goal

The total shots on goal is a bet on the number of shots. Players choose between IT more and less.

IT 29.5 more will win if the team hits the target at least 30 times.


Hockey fans choose ITU host 2.5 or ITO guest 1.5.

For the strategy to work, teams with high motivation and a strong attacking line will be suitable.

Bookmaker clients less often place bets on ITO penalty time for teams with aggressive athletes on the ice involving a strict referee.

Highly motivated participants playing against a clearly weak opponent are suitable for ITO shot deals.


To conclude winning bets on IT for goals scored, it is necessary to consider the tournament position, productivity, results of the last and head-to-head meetings, motivation, and team compositions. For penalty time bets, it is important to take into consideration the presence of players with a harsh playing style, the average number of dismissals in the past, and the statistics of the upcoming match referee.

To conclude winning deals on shots, take into account the class disparity of opponents, the presence of strong forwards in the lineup, the statistics on shots in previous matches.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Plenty of markets Availability of offers on shots and exclusions only in some bookmakers
High scoring in most matches  
Simple sports analysis  

Individual Total in Basketball

In basketball, both amateurs and professionals place bets on the individual total of points scored.

Point Total

Deals can be made on IT in a match or by quarters. Less often bets are made on indicators by halves.

The entire match

Users make deals on the number of points scored by a team in a match, either more or less.

The players of the Unics-CSKA match scored 57 and 76 points respectively

A bet on ITO 122.5 will win if the side scores no less than 123 points.

By quarters

Bookmaker clients place bets on the number of points a team earns in the quarters.

ITU 36.5 will bring victory if the club scores no more than 36 points in a quarter.


One of the most effective basketball strategies is choosing IT in a match, considering the average total in recent games and adjusting +- 4 points depending on the form and level of the opponent.

In live betting, you can use the 'Catch-up' strategy on IT by quarters - increase the amount of the next bet so that the first win generates a profit and covers the losses.


It is important to correctly calculate the average IT value of a participant in previous matches to place a winning bet:

  1. Open the results of the last 5 home or away matches of the club on a sports statistics service, depending on the upcoming home or away game.
  2. Divide the total number of team points in the last 5 games by 5 and round the result.
  3. Add 1 point for each win and subtract 1.5 points for each loss to the calculated value.
  4. If the club is playing at home, add 3 points.

After the calculations, you can place bets on the calculated total personal value higher or lower, considering the tournament situation, the level of the opponent, form, and motivation.

Pros and cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Simple calculation of the expected individual total Small number of effective strategies
Many markets  

Individual Total in Tennis

A common type of market in tennis is the number of games won by the tennis player.

Total games

Users guess the number of games won more or less than a certain number set by the bookmaker.

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev beat American Brandon Nakashima in 12 games

A bet on ITO 12.5 will bring a profit in case the tennis player wins at least 13 games.


For betting on outcomes in tennis, 2 popular strategies are used:

  • ITU 12.5 of an obvious favorite, who plays against an opponent with a weak serve - often favourites win over outsiders in the first 2 sets and finish the match;
  • ITO 12.5 in contests between roughly equal strength athletes with a strong serve - even in case of a loss, strong tennis players often win at least 13 games.
Each strategy can be changed - choose a higher or lower value of IT depending on the player's expectations.


When placing a bet, tennis lovers consider the level, average performance, form, motivation of participants, and type of tennis surface.

Each tennis player has 'favourite' and 'unfavored' courts. Some athletes prefer grass, others - hard, others - clay.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Few sensational results Small variety of markets
Opportunity to find a profitable coefficient on an underrated or overrated tennis player  

Individual total in volleyball

Volleyball enthusiasts bet on the number of sets and points won.

Total sets won

Volleyball matches run to 3, 4 or 5 sets depending on the competition format and the field score.

Polish National Team beat the Russian National Team with a score of 3:0

Players place bets on the number of sets won, over or under a selected number.

Total points

Sports enthusiasts bet on the team's point total per match and per individual set.

The entire match

The number of points at the end of the match depends on the number of sets put up by the opponents.

Over 76.5 will win if the side scores at least 77 points in the game.

Individual set

A set in volleyball goes until 25 points are scored, with the final fifth set played to 15.

Under 18.5 in first set will pay off if the Volleyball Club scores 18 points or less.


To win a set, a club scores 25 points with a minimum two-point lead over the opponents. If points are even or there's minimal difference, opponents play until one team gets a two point lead.

If the game goes to the fifth set, the last set is played to 15 points with a minimum two-point lead condition.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Simple sports analysis Most companies have a sparse listing on the individual total
Possibility to place bets in pre-match and live  


What is an individual total and how is it designated in bookmakers?

An individual total is a bet on the number of scoring actions of a team or athlete.

The designation of bets on individual totals depends on the bookmaker, for example, the individual total 'team', the total of teams 1 or 2, ITO 1 or 2.

What is an individual total in football?

An individual total in football is a bet on the number of goals, corners, or yellow cards of a team. Less frequently, fans choose bets on individual totals of players.

What is an individual total in hockey?

An individual total in hockey is a bet on the number of goals scored, penalty minutes, shots on goal, or faceoffs won.

Can a bet be placed with IT on a specific minute of the match?

Some bookmakers allow you to bet on a team's IT for a specific minute of the match.

To what are individual totals applicable?

Individual totals are present in the painting of almost all sports, including football, hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball, boxing, and esports.

Which individual total is better?

The choice of the suitable bet depends on the type of sport, match, and team. For example, the classic option in football is IT 0.5 or 1.5, in hockey - IT 1.5 or 2.5.

How to bet on the individual total by corners?

In order to place a bet on the individual total by corners, it is necessary for the fan to analyze the average number of corners served by the team in previous matches, motivation in the upcoming match, and the level of the opponent.

How to place a bet:

  1. Log in to your account on the bookmaker's website or in the application.
  2. Select a soccer match in live or prematch mode.
  3. Open the meeting description and find the IT value of the corners according to the conducted analysis.
  4. Add the market to the basket.
  5. Enter the bet amount and confirm the bet.


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