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1st Half Total Over 0.5

Betting on the first half total over 0.5 wins if football players score at least 1 goal in the first half of the match.

All bookmakers accept outcome bets in pre-match and live lines.

The average odds on the market 1 half total over 0.5 in bookmakers' platforms are 1.30–1.50 depending on the match and championship.

What is the total over 0.5 of the first half

The total over 0.5 of the first half – a bet on a goal in the first half.

There are two possible outcomes of the bet on the first half of the match:

  • win – any of the sides scored at least once;
  • loss – no score opened.
The bookmaker will calculate the bet on the total 0.5 over in the first half immediately at the end of the first half of the game.

Naming in Sportsbooks

You can find the bet on the total of the first half 0.5 more in the additional painting of each bookmaker.

The notation of the deal on the total in the painting depends on the bookmaker, for example, in "OlimpBet" – "Goal in the 1st half: yes", in "Parimats" – "Total Over 0.5", in "Bet9ja" – "Total 0.50 / Over".

How to bet on 1st half with total over 0.5

To make a successful bet on a total of 0.5 Over in the first half, you should analyze the following parameters:

  • the tournament position and the level of opponents;
  • efficiency – the number of goals scored and conceded by opponents;
  • recent results of teams in the 1st half of games - average number of goals scored and conceded;
  • the form of key strikers, defense status, and team motivation.

Total 0.5 stats for the first half are available on sports analytics websites, such as FlashScore.

Experienced players choose matches involving a clear favorite and an outsider or high-scoring opposition for betting.

Championships with high efficiency, where scoring in the 1st half of the meeting is most likely – the top leagues of Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Australia.

Live betting

After 10–15 minutes of the match, the odds on Over in live increase, and fans can judge the probability of the event by the nature of the game.

Example of calculation

The player made a bet on Over 0.5 in the 1st half of the German Bundesliga match 'Mainz 5' – 'Borussia' (M). The outcome coefficient in the 'OlympBet' bookmaker's office is 1.35, the bet amount is 1000 naira.

If one of the teams scores a goal, the bookmaker's client will win, the payout will be: 1000 * 1.35 = 1350 naira.

If there is no goal, the user will lose 1000 naira.

How to use in sports betting

Using effective strategies increases the probability of winning a bet.


Popular gaming strategies - betting on any goal in live and on a strong team's goal.

In Live

When playing live, the bookmaker's client analyzes the first 10-15 minutes of the match and makes a bet on a goal in the 1st half, if the teams play attacking football or the club actively besieges the opponent's goal.

The strategy on the total in the first half more than 0.5 involves concluding a bet after 10-15 minutes of play with odds from 1.70-1.80.

On the favorite

Bets on a specific team's goal are suitable for matches involving a clear favorite, which scores in the 1st half of the game more than 75-80% of the time.

For success, it is important that the strong team scores a lot, and the weak team concedes a lot. In the ideal case, the favorite scores on average about 2 goals per match, the outsider concedes from 2 balls.

You can place a bet before the start of the meeting with odds from 1.50-1.60 or after 10-15 minutes of play with a quote from 1.80-1.90, provided that the favorite actively attacks the opponent's goal.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Higher odds compared to a goal in the second half Low quotes in matches with scoring rivals within championships with high productivity
Easy pre-match analysis  
Available in every betting company  


The first half total over 0.5 is a popular type of bet in bookmaker's platforms, it can be profitable over distance. To form winning bets, a selection of suitable teams and basic analytics is enough.

It is possible to place bets on over 0.5 in the first half in live - you watch the team's attacks and play with higher odds.


What odds do bookmakers offer for the Over 0.5 total in the first half?

The odds of the market depend on the particular match, with typical values ranging from 1.30 to 1.50. When placing a live bet after the first 10-15 minutes of play, odds can rise to 1.70-1.80.

Can I make live bets on Over (0.5)?

You can place bets on Over (0.5) both in prematch and live.

What does O 0.5 mean in first half bets and when does the bet win?

O 0.5 in first half bets means a goal in the first half of the match. The bet will win if the teams score at least once in the first half.


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