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Unravelling Sports Betting Vernacular: Buying Points

In the realm of sports betting, there's an arsenal of strategies that bettors can employ, one of which is known as "Buying Points". This tactic is used to alter the odds of a betting line, shifting them more favourably in the bettor's direction.

"Buying Points" refers to a sports betting strategy where a bettor pays an additional cost to move the point spread or the total (over/under) of a bet in their favour. This tactic is predominantly used in sports such as football and basketball, where point-spread betting is common.

Term's Origin

The phrase "Buying Points" is rooted in point spread betting, where points (or goals) are subtracted from the favourite team's final score or added to the underdog's final score to level the betting field. The term "buying" refers to the additional cost a bettor incurs to change this point spread.

Similar Terms

This strategy bears similarities with the term "Teaser," a type of bet that allows bettors to adjust point spreads on multiple games. However, while a "Teaser" involves multiple games, "Buying Points" typically refer to adjusting the line on a single game.

Examples of Usage Term ‘Buying Points’

Example 1

In a basketball game, a bettor might decide to buy points, changing a -3.5 point spread to -2.5, increasing their chances of winning the bet if they are betting on the favourite.

Example 2

A sports betting enthusiast might share, "I usually avoid buying points, but this time, I felt it was worth paying a bit extra to shift the odds in my favour."

Example 3

During a sports betting strategy discussion, a seasoned bettor might suggest, "Buying points can be a strategic move, but remember, it comes at an extra cost and should be used judiciously."


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