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Unravelling Sports Betting Terminology: Dime Line

As you delve deeper into sports betting, you'll encounter various phrases and terminologies. Among these, a "Dime Line" is a crucial term primarily used in baseball betting. It refers to a situation where the difference in odds between the favourite and the underdog is 10 cents.

In sports betting, specifically in baseball, a "Dime Line" refers to a betting line where the difference between the odds for the favourite and the underdog is 10 cents. For instance, if Team A is the favourite at -125 and Team B is the underdog at +115, that's a dime line.

Term Origin

The term derives from the American slang where "dime" stands for ten, referring to the ten-cent difference in betting odds. The dime line is considered a relatively fair betting line, offering good value for bettors as the bookmaker's 'juice' or commission is lower.

Similar Terms

"Dime Line" is similar to "Twenty-Cent Line", a line with a 20-cent difference between the odds for the favourite and the underdog. Both terms are part of the broader "Money Lines" concept, representing the odds for teams in a match.

Examples of Usage of ‘Dime Line’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

In a sports betting forum, a bettor might write, "I prefer wagering on dime lines, as they tend to offer better value."

Example 2

During a conversation about a baseball game, a sports analyst might comment, "Given the teams' performances, it's likely we'll see a dime line for today's game."

Example 3

In a sports betting guide, the author might note, "Understanding different types of lines, like the dime line, can significantly enhance your sports betting strategy and potentially increase your winnings."


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