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Unraveling Sports Betting Jargon: Laying the Price

"Laying the Price" is a common term in sports betting. It refers to when a bettor decides to bet on the favourite, assuming that such a team will lead to a higher payoff.

In sports betting, "Laying the Price" involves choosing the favourite team or competitor to win a game based on the anticipation that they will yield a higher payoff. Typically, when you're "laying the price," you're betting on the favourite to win outright, regardless of the score difference.

Term Origin

The origin of "Laying the Price" is not precisely known, but it likely comes from laying down your money based on the price (odds) offered for the favourite team or competitor.

Similar Terms

The term connects with betting concepts such as "Money Line" (odds set on the straight-up winner without point spread), "Favorite" (the team expected to win), and "Odds" (the ratio of the probabilities of an event happening to it not happening).

Examples of Usage of ‘Laying the Price’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

The host might say in a sports betting podcast, "I'm laying the price on the Lakers tonight. Despite the higher odds, they have a strong chance of winning."

Example 2

In a sports betting tutorial, an instructor might suggest, "Laying the price is a betting strategy often used when bettors have a strong belief in the favourite team's ability to win."

Example 3

During a conversation about sports betting, a bettor might comment, "The odds on the favourite team aren't great, but I'll lay the price because I'm confident they'll pull off a victory."


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