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Unpacking Sports Betting Terminology: Fade

The intriguing realm of sports betting is replete with its unique language. A critical term to familiarise oneself with is "Fade," which refers to betting against a particular bettor or trend.

"Fade" in sports betting terminology signifies the strategy of wagering opposite to a specific bettor or betting trend. When a bettor decides to "fade" another, they are essentially betting that the individual's choices will be incorrect.

Term Origin

The term "Fade" presumably has its roots in the betting tactic it represents – it implies the fading or diminishing of faith in a particular bettor's selections or a prevalent betting trend. This strategy can be used when there is scepticism about a popular bet or a bettor with a poor track record.

Similar Terms

The concept of "Fade" intersects with other terms such as "Contrarian Betting," which involves going against the mainstream betting opinion, and "Steam Chasing," which means following a trend of heavy betting.

Examples of Usage of ‘Fade’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

During a betting strategy discussion, a bettor might say, "I decided to fade the public in the championship game. The popular opinion leaned heavily towards Team A, but I saw value in betting on Team B."

Example 2

In a sports betting tutorial, the instructor could advise, "When you notice a bettor who is consistently on a losing streak, it might be profitable to fade their picks."

Example 3

A sports betting analyst on a show might say, "Given his recent unsuccessful run, I wouldn't be surprised if many choose to fade John's picks for this week's games."


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