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Understanding Sports Betting Vernacular: Franklin

In sports betting, mastering the jargon is critical to effective communication and understanding. "Franklin" stands out among the various terms used as it refers to a specific sum of money – $100.

Term Origin

"Franklin" in the context of sports betting is slang for $100. This term derives from the American $100 bill, which famously features an image of Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Hence, "Franklin" became synonymous with $100 in betting circles.

Similar Terms

The term has ties with other gambling phrases that represent money. Similar to "Franklin," bettors use "Nickel" to denote $500 and "Dime" to represent $1,000. These expressions showcase the creative lingo bettors use to communicate specific bet amounts in a more coded manner.

Examples of Usage of ‘Franklin’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

In a casual betting conversation, a bettor might say, "I'm feeling lucky today. I'm going to put a Franklin on the underdog."

Example 2

During a sports betting podcast, the host might share, "Yesterday was a good day for me. I ended up winning a few Franklins on that game."

Example 3

In a guide about sports betting slang, the author could write, "Understanding betting terms like 'Franklin' helps newcomers navigate conversations and transactions in the world of sports betting."


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