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Taking the Price: Betting on Value Over Victory

In sports betting, bettors employ many strategies to maximise their potential profits. "Taking the price" is one of these strategies that delves deeper into the realm of value rather than just victory. When a bettor is "taking the price," they're looking beyond the favourite and placing their money on the underdog's potential for a more lucrative payoff.

The term "taking the price" primarily focuses on money-line betting. Unlike point spread betting, which aims to level the playing field, money line bets are straightforward wagers on who will win the game. The underdog typically comes with a more attractive price, meaning a higher potential return on the same bet amount.

Choosing to take the price doesn't necessarily mean the bettor believes the underdog will win. Instead, it acknowledges that the potential payout offers good value relative to the perceived risk.

Term Origin

In this context, " price " refers to the odds or payout associated with a particular bet. "Taking the price" is a direct nod to selecting the odds (or price) that come with betting on the underdog, as these odds usually promise a bigger payout.

Similar Terms

  • Laying the Price: Betting on the favourite in money line betting, accepting lower potential returns due to perceived lower risk.
  • Value Betting: Identifying and placing bets where the odds are higher than what the bettor believes to be the true odds of the outcome.
  • Over/Under: Betting on the combined score of both teams relative to a set number rather than on who will win or lose.

Examples of Use

  • "The star player of the favourite team is injured, so even though they're still expected to win, I'm taking the price on the underdog for a bigger payout."
  • "I don't often bet on longshots, but the price was too tempting to resist this time."
  • "He knew it was a gamble, but taking the price paid off when the underdog managed an unexpected victory."

In summation, "taking the price" underscores the essence of sports betting – it's not just about predicting winners but about understanding value, assessing risk, and making informed decisions that can lead to rewarding payoffs.


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