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Taking the Points: Rooting for the Underdog

In the intricate realm of sports betting, "taking the points" offers bettors a strategy that doesn't necessarily rely on outright victories. Instead, it’s about understanding margins, underdogs, and the dynamics of the point spread. When someone mentions they're "taking the points," they're placing their faith in the underdog.

"Taking the points" is a fundamental concept in sports betting and revolves around the point spread system. A point spread is essentially a handicap that sportsbooks use to level the playing field between mismatched teams. When a bettor is "taking the points," they're betting that the underdog will either win outright or lose by a smaller margin than the designated point spread.

For instance, if Team A is favoured by 7 points over Team B, taking the points with Team B means you're betting that Team B will either win or lose by fewer than 7 points. It's a way to hedge one's bets, especially in games where outcomes can be unpredictable.

Term Origin

The term's origins are relatively straightforward and are derived from the concept of the point spread itself. As bookmakers set a specific number of points by which a team is favoured, "taking those points" means leveraging them in favour of the underdog.

Similar Terms

  • Laying the Points: Opposite of taking the points, where a bettor chooses the favourite to win by at least as many points as the spread.
  • Covering the Spread: When the favourite wins by more than the point spread or the underdog lose by less than the spread or wins outright.
  • Against the Spread (ATS): A bet that isn't concerned with who wins or loses but by how much a team wins or loses.

Examples of Use

  • "Despite their recent losing streak, Team B has a history of keeping games close. I'm taking the points with them tonight."
  • "Most experts predicted a blowout, but those who took the points with the underdog were rewarded handsomely."
  • "While it's tempting to back the favourites, savvy bettors often find value in taking the points, especially in closely contested matchups."

In conclusion, "taking the points" is a strategy that celebrates the unpredictability of sports. It's a reminder that while victory is the ultimate goal, the journey and the margins often create the most thrilling narratives.


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