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Sports Betting Vocabulary Unpacked: Layoff

The world of sports betting is replete with its unique lingo and terms. One such term is "Layoff," which refers to a sportsbook betting with another book to reduce its liability.

In the sports betting industry, a "Layoff" occurs when a sportsbook or bookmaker places a bet with another bookmaker to offset heavy action they have received on one side of a bet. By doing so, they can balance their books, reduce risk, and guarantee a profit regardless of the game's outcome.

Term Origin

The origin of the term "Layoff" is unclear, but it likely comes from the idea of 'laying off' or distributing risk, commonly used in various financial and insurance industries.

Similar Terms

The concept of "Layoff" intersects with terms such as "Hedging" (betting on both sides of a wager to minimise losses), "Liability" (the amount a bookmaker stands to lose on a particular market), and "Book balancing" (maintaining an equal amount of bets for both sides of a wager).

Examples of Usage of ‘Layoff’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

The host might say in a sports betting podcast, "The bookmaker decided to lay off some of the action on the heavily favoured team to another book to reduce their liability."

Example 2

In a conversation about sports betting, a bettor might comment, "Due to heavy betting on the favourite, the sportsbook had to layoff some bets to maintain their book balance."

Example 3

In a guide on sports betting, an author could write, "Understanding the concept of layoffs is vital for appreciating how sportsbooks manage risk and ensure they maintain profitability regardless of game outcomes."


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