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Sports Betting Terminology: Longshot

An interesting and frequently used term in sports betting is "Longshot". It denotes a team or participant with a very slim chance of winning.

The term "Longshot" in sports betting refers to an entrant, whether a team or individual, expected to have a low probability of winning a particular event. This term applies to various sports, from horse racing to football and basketball.

Term Origin

The term "Longshot" likely derives from target shooting, where hitting a distant target was considered a long shot and unlikely. In the betting world, a long shot pays off at high odds because its chances of winning are perceived to be small.

Similar Terms

The term intersects with other sports betting concepts like "Odds" (the ratio indicating the potential payout of a successful bet), "Underdog" (the team or individual expected to lose), and "Favorite" (the one predicted to win).

Examples of Usage of ‘Longshot’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

During a sports podcast, the host might remark, "Today's game features a longshot scenario, with Team B having little chance of winning according to bookmakers' odds."

Example 2

In a sports betting guide, the author could advise, "While betting on longshots can lead to significant returns if they win, they're named 'longshots' for a reason. The likelihood of these bets paying off is typically quite low."

Example 3

In a casual sports betting conversation, a bettor might comment, "I like to put a little money on a longshot now and then. The potential payout if they win is too tempting to pass up."


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