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Sports Betting Slang Explained: Back-door Cover

The world of sports betting is chock-full of unique jargon that adds to the intrigue and complexity of the game. One such term is a "Back-door Cover," a scenario that's as exciting as it sounds. This happens when a team scores late in the game to cover the point spread after trailing and failing to cover.

"Back-door Cover" is an exciting event in sports betting that adds unpredictability to the wagering experience. In essence, it refers to a situation where a team that was not covering the point spread for most of the game ends up covering the spread due to late scoring.

Term's Origin

The term's origin plays on the metaphor of a team sneaking in through the 'back door' to steal a cover when it seemed unlikely. It reflects the ever-present element of surprise in sports and betting, where outcomes can change in the last few seconds of a game.

Similar Terms

This term relates to another betting lingo like "covering the spread," which refers to a team winning by more points than the spread set by bookmakers. However, the distinct feature of a "Back-door Cover" is its late occurrence in the game, often leaving bettors in suspense until the end.

Example 1

In a football match where 6 points over Team B favour Team A, if Team A is leading by 7 points and Team B scores a touchdown in the final seconds, Team B achieves a "Back-door Cover."

Example 2

A bettor might express, "I thought I'd lost my bet, but the team pulled off a back-door cover with that last-minute field goal."

Example 3

A sports commentator might exclaim, "And with that unexpected touchdown, we've got a back-door cover on our hands! What a turn of events for the bettors!"


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