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Sports Betting Jargon: Oddsmaker

The term "Oddsmaker" is crucial in sports betting. An Oddsmaker is involved in setting the odds on a sports event, but unlike a bookmaker or bookie, they don't accept wagers.

The Oddsmaker is an essential figure in the world of sports betting. Tasked with creating the betting odds for sports events, the Oddsmaker uses statistical analysis, knowledge of the sport, and understanding of the betting market to set the initial odds.

Term Origin

Like many betting terms, the term's origin is quite literal - an Oddsmaker makes the odds. In many cases, these professionals have a strong background in mathematics or statistics, which aids them in their role.

Similar Terms

The term "Oddsmaker" is closely associated with other betting terms such as "Linesmaker" (a synonymous term), "Bookmaker" (an individual or organisation that accepts bets), and "Line" (the odds on a particular event).

Examples of Usage of ‘Oddsmaker’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

During a sports broadcast, a commentator might say, "The Oddsmaker seems to favour the home team in tonight's match, judging by the betting line."

Example 2

An instructor could explain in a sports betting tutorial, "An Oddsmaker sets the odds, but they don't accept wagers. That's the job of a bookmaker or sportsbook."

Example 3

In a conversation among sports fans, one might remark, "The Oddsmaker must know something we don't - those odds on the underdog seem unusually high!"


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