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Sports Betting Explained: The Parlay Card

In sports betting, a "Parlay Card" is a physical or digital card that a bettor uses to make a parlay bet. This card lists odds for multiple games, allowing the bettor to select their choices and turn the card into the bookmaker.

Parlay Cards offer an alternative way to place a parlay bet. Instead of using the live odds displayed in the sportsbook, bettors select from the odds presented on the parlay card. After choosing their linked wagers (all of which must win for a successful bet), the bettor hands the card to the bookmaker or submits it online.

Term Origin

Parlay cards can often be found in traditional sportsbooks but are also standard on online betting platforms. The roots of parlay cards trace back to old-school betting when sports wagers were typically made in person. The cards served as a simple, organised method for bettors to make multiple linked bets simultaneously.

Similar Terms

This concept intersects with other sports betting terms such as 'Parlay' (a bet linking multiple wagers), 'Odds' (the likelihood of a particular outcome), and 'Bookmaker' (the individual or organisation accepting the bets).

Examples of Usage of ‘The Parlay Card’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

In a conversation among bettors, one might say, "I've filled out my parlay card for this weekend's games. If all my picks come through, I'll profit."

Example 2

In a sports betting guide, the author might suggest, "Using a parlay card can simplify the process of placing a parlay bet, especially if you're new to sports betting."

Example 3

On a sports podcast, a host might remark, "Our guest today managed to correctly predict all the games on his parlay card last week, turning a small wager into a significant payout."


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