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Puppy: An Endearing Term in Sports Betting

In sports betting, an underdog is not always referred to as an 'underdog'. Sometimes, a more colloquial term is used, which is 'puppy'. The term 'puppy' offers a lighter, more playful connotation to the idea of an underdog.

While 'underdog' sometimes carries a negative connotation in everyday language, associating it with the lesser, weaker side, 'puppy' lightens the mood. The term gives a sense of charm to the less favoured team, highlighting the potential surprises that can arise in sports.

Term Origin

The term is believed to have been coined by sports bettors who love the thrill of betting on the underdog. They often see more value in betting on the 'puppy', which can yield higher returns due to the less favourable odds. The term is now widely used in sports betting circles and adds to the rich tapestry of sportsbook jargon.

Similar Terms

Like the term 'underdog', 'puppy' is versatile and can be used across different sports, including football, basketball, baseball, or hockey. It is another example of how sports betting lingo can be fun and lively, making the betting experience more engaging.

Examples of Usage of ‘Puck Line Betting’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

Let's say the Los Angeles Lakers are playing against the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers are expected to win, so they are the favourites. The less favoured team, the Nuggets, are the 'puppy' in this game.

Example 2

In a Premier League match between Manchester City and Brighton, Manchester City, with its robust lineup and previous records, are the favourites. Brighton, facing a tough challenge, would be termed the 'puppy' of this match.

Example 3

The New York Yankees face off against the Baltimore Orioles during the MLB season. With their dominant history, the Yankees are the favourites, making the Orioles the 'puppy'. This indicates that they have lower chances of winning, but those who bet on them could see a substantial payoff if they do.


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