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Navigating Sports Betting Lingo: Even Money

With its unique vocabulary, sports betting can be a complex terrain for newcomers. An important term to understand in this context is "Even Money," which refers to a bet expected to neither win nor lose money, disregarding the bookmaker's commission.

In sports betting, "Even Money" refers to a wager where the potential winnings equal the amount staked. If the bet wins, the bettor receives back twice the amount staked. The odds for an even money bet are 1:1.

Term Origin

This term likely originates from the fact that the potential return is 'even' with the amount initially staked, hence the term 'Even Money'. This type of bet is typically found in games or sports where the competitors are evenly matched, and there's no clear favourite or underdog.

Similar Terms

"Even Money" intersects with terms like "Odds" (the probabilities of specific outcomes in a game, expressed numerically) and "Money Line" (a type of bet where a bettor simply picks the outright winner of a game).

Examples of Usage of ‘Even Money’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

During a pre-game discussion, a sports analyst might say, "Considering how closely matched these teams are, I expect most bets to be at even money."

Example 2

In a sports betting tutorial, the instructor might explain, "An even money bet is essentially a coin flip – there's a 50% chance of winning and a 50% chance of losing."

Example 3

A bettor discussing their betting strategy might say, "I generally look for value bets, but sometimes an even money bet can be a good option, especially in highly competitive games."


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