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Delving into Sports Betting: The Past Post Bet

In the lexicon of sports betting, a "Past Post" refers to a bet placed on an already begun event. Most reputable sportsbooks don't allow these types of bets due to their potential for misuse.

The term "Past Post" is borrowed from horse racing, where it originally described a bet placed after the horses had left the starting post. Today's broader sports betting context refers to any bet placed after the game or event has started.

Past posting is generally frowned upon and is often not permitted by sportsbooks. This is due to the apparent advantage it gives bettors who can place bets with some knowledge of the event's outcome.

Term Origin

However, live or in-play betting (where bettors can place bets while the game is ongoing) should be distinct from past postings. Live betting odds are adjusted throughout the game, whereas past posting traditionally involves betting at pre-game odds after the game has begun.

Similar Terms

This term intersects with others like 'Sportsbook' (the organisation accepting bets), 'Odds' (the likelihood of an event happening), and 'Live Betting' (placing bets during a game).

Examples of Usage of ‘The Past Post Bet’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

In a conversation among friends, one might say, "I tried to place a bet after the game started, but the bookie wouldn't let me. They don't allow past posting."

Example 2

The author might write in a sports betting guide, "Bettors should be aware that past posting is usually prohibited and can lead to being banned from a sportsbook."

Example 3

A host might say on a sports talk show, "Our guest today was once caught past posting, a mistake that cost him his account with a major sportsbook."


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