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Deciphering Sports Betting Slang: Dog

Sports betting language is filled with colourful terms and phrases that add a certain zest to the betting experience. One such term is "Dog", which is shorthand for the underdog, the team that isn’t favoured to win in a sporting event.

In sports betting terminology, "Dog" is an abbreviation for the underdog – the team or player expected to lose a game or match. The underdog is often the less favoured participant, given their lower chances of winning as assessed by the odds-makers.

Term Origin

The term "Dog" likely originates from the complete term 'underdog', a phrase with origins dating back to the 19th century. It's since been shortened and adopted into the sports betting vocabulary to represent the less favoured competitor in a contest.

Similar Terms

The concept of a "Dog" is related to terms such as "Favorite" (the team or player expected to win) and "Long Shot" (an extreme underdog with meagre chances of winning). All these terms contribute to the rich and diverse language of sports betting.

Examples of Usage of ‘Dog’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

During a conversation about an upcoming game, a bettor might say, "Even though they're the 'Dog' in this match, I think they've got a solid chance of pulling off an upset."

Example 2

In a sports analysis, an expert might opine, "Despite being the 'Dog' in this tournament, the team has a track record of performing well under pressure."

Example 3

In a sports betting guide, an author might suggest, "Betting on the 'Dog' can often provide lucrative returns, especially if you spot a team undervalued by the bookmakers."


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