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Breaking Down Sports Betting Lingo: Juice (Vig)

The sports betting realm is filled with unique terms and jargon that can often confuse newcomers. One such term is "Juice," also known as "Vig," which refers to the commission a bookmaker earns on a game.

In sports betting, "Juice" or "Vig" (short for vigorish, derived from the Russian word for winnings) refers to the commission that a bookmaker or sportsbook takes from the total amount of bets. It's essentially their service fee, ensuring they profit regardless of the game's outcome. Typically, the standard juice is considered to be 10%.

Term Origin

"Juice" is believed to have originated from the American slang term for profit, while "Vigorish" is rooted in Yiddish and Russian language traditions.

Similar Terms

"Juice" aligns with terms like "Odds" (the ratio of the probabilities of an event happening/not happening) and "Overround" (a measure of the profit margin a bookmaker aims to achieve on the market).

Examples of Usage of ‘Juice (Vig)’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

In a conversation about sports betting, a person might say, "The juice on this game is a bit high, which means the sportsbook is taking a larger commission on bets."

Example 2

In a sports betting guide, an author might write, "Understanding the concept of juice or vig is essential for bettors, as it affects the potential payout of their wagers."

Example 3

On a sports betting podcast, the host might explain, "Bettors should always take into account the juice when deciding where to place their bets, as it can significantly affect their profits."


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