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Breaking Down Sports Betting Jargon: Favorite

In sports betting, understanding the specific terminology is fundamental to effective participation. One term you'll frequently encounter is "Favorite," which refers to the team or individual expected to win the game or event.

In sports betting parlance, a "Favorite" denotes the team or competitor presumed to triumph in a particular game or competition. Bookmakers determine favourites based on various factors, such as previous performance records, player injuries, home-field advantage, and other relevant data points.

Term Origin

The term "Favorite" originates from the word's literal meaning - it's the competitor that fans and bettors 'favour' or prefer to win due to perceived advantages. Favourites typically have shorter odds, reflecting their higher probability of winning.

Similar Terms

The concept of a "Favorite" intersects with terms like "Underdog" (the team or player expected to lose) and "Point Spread" (a handicap that the favourite must overcome for bets on them to pay off).

Examples of Usage of ‘Favorite’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

During a pre-game analysis, a sports commentator might say, "With their star player returning from injury and playing at home, Team A are the favourites for tonight's match."

Example 2

In a betting guide, an author could write, "When placing a bet on the favourite, remember that while they're expected to win, upsets can still happen. Always consider the odds and potential return on investment."

Example 3

Discussing a future match, a bettor might argue, "Even though Team B is the underdog in this game, they've previously performed well against the favourites. This might be a good opportunity to bet against the favourite."


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