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Betting Terminology: Laying the Points

"Laying the Points" is a common phrase in sports betting. It refers to when a bettor chooses the favourite to win by at least as many points as indicated in the spread.

In sports betting, "Laying the Points" is a wagering strategy where a bettor opts for the favourite to win and cover the spread. The spread, also known as the point spread, is the predicted scoring differential between two teams as quoted by a sportsbook.

When you "lay the points," you're betting that the favourite will win the game and do so by a margin that exceeds the established point spread.

Term Origin

The term likely originated from laying down points, essentially sacrificing points in the hope that the favourite will win significantly.

Similar Terms

"Laying the Points" is closely related to terms like "Cover the Spread" (when the favourite wins by more than the point spread or the underdog loses by less than the point spread), "Favorite" (the team expected to win), and "Spread" (the anticipated difference in score between teams).

Examples of Usage of ‘Laying the Points’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

The host might say in a sports betting podcast, "I'm laying the points on the Patriots. I expect them to win and cover the spread by at least a touchdown."

Example 2

During a sports betting tutorial, an instructor could suggest, "If you believe the favourite is going to win by a considerable margin, consider laying the points for a potentially higher payout."

Example 3

The author could write in a sports betting guide, "Laying the points can be a profitable strategy when you have a strong conviction that the favourite will outperform the point spread."


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