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Betting Basics: Understanding a 'Pick ‘em' Game

In sports betting, 'Pick ‘em' refers to a contest where neither team is considered a favourite. In other words, the point spread is zero, and bettors choose who they think will win.

A 'Pick ‘em' game is rare in sports betting, signifying a perfectly balanced contest between two teams. Here, oddsmakers cannot determine a clear favourite, and thus, there is no point spread. Bettors merely need to choose (or 'pick') the team they believe will win, with no points to give or take.

Term Origin

This term originated in American sports betting but is now universally recognised. A 'Pick ‘'' em' game can happen in any sport where point spread betting is common, such as football or basketball.

Similar Terms

'Pick ‘em' intersects with other betting terms like 'Point Spread' (the number of points by which a team is expected to win or lose), 'Favorite' (the team predicted to win), and 'Odds' (the payout ratio attached to a winning bet).

Examples of Usage of ‘Pick ‘em’ in Sports Betting

Example 1

For instance, in a football game between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets, a sports analyst might say, "Tonight's game is a true pick 'em, with neither team entering as the clear favourite."

Example 2

In a betting guide, an author could write, "In a pick ‘em game, your strategy will rely more on analysing the teams' strengths and weaknesses rather than on point spreads."

Example 3

On a sports betting website, a bettor may say, "I prefer betting on pick their games because it's simpler. All I need to do is choose who I think will win."


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