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What is a Surebet Scanner

A fork scanner is a program that analyzes bookmakers' lines for the presence of arbitrage situations. Scanners help betting players find favorable quotes on opposite outcomes in different bookmakers and place bets with guaranteed profits.

The software checks the lines of the bookmaker's platforms and shows the presence of forks.

Players can use the fork scanner for free or purchase a subscription.

Arbitrage scanner over 1 percent

On the Internet, you can find both paid and free arbitrage scanners.

Comparison criteria Free services Paid services
Need to pay a subscription No Yes
Arbitrage yield, % Up to 1 From 1
Scanning speed and updates Delays in searching, showing obsolete arbitrage High speed, automatic update
Automatic transition to the bookmaker's website No Yes

Free services are suitable for novice players who are learning to play arbitrage and work with a scanner. The main advantage is saving on the subscription. A free arbitrage scanner will not show options with a yield of more than 1 per cent. The functionality is less extensive than paid programs – scanning goes slower, and the app updates quotes for longer.

In live, a free scanner is an ineffective tool.

Recommendations from experienced arbitrage players:

  • to use free scanners when learning;
  • for serious gaming, choose paid programs with serious functionality and fast data updates;
  • install VPN and proxy, change SIM cards and computers;
  • double-check the odds before placing a bet.

Arbitrage scanners with a yield of more than 1% include paid subscriptions offer users a wide choice of bookmakers, sports, types of bets and their outcomes.


Online Arbs Scanner

When searching for arbs manually, the player reviews and analyzes the bookmakers' lines independently. The odds may change when comparing quotes in 2 or more bookmakers. Online scanners quickly output all arb options and transfer the data from the calculator to the betting slip form on the bookmaker's website.

Advantages of online scanners:

  • does not require installation on a PC;
  • updates without user involvement;
  • you can log into your account from any device.

Gambling players choose online services to speed up searching for an arbitrage situation.

Download Arb Scanner

Players can download an arb scanner if they prefer PC and mobile apps. The user installs the software on their computer or phone.

The downside of the installed scanner is the need to download it on every device where the bookmaker's client places bets.

Bookmaker's clients prefer to search for arbs on online services.


What is a fork scanner?

A fork scanner is a website or application for searching for arbitrage situations in bookmaker lines.

How does the arb scanner work?

The service automatically scans bookmakers' lines and identifies favorable odds for opposite outcomes in different betting companies.

Which arb scanners are the most convenient?

For use in live games, the mobile versions of paid scanners with high data update and search speeds are most convenient, for example, BreakingBet.

Free versions of services are suitable for beginners to gain scanner usage skills.


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