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Transfermarkt Betting Service Review 2024

"Transfermarkt" is a multifunctional sports service. The main focus of the site is football transfers. Users of the "Transfermarkt" resource can find information about the latest transfers, expensive football players, rental contracts, and unofficial football rumours.
The primary service of Transfermarkt is the schedule of upcoming football matches, results of completed confrontations, and a forum for communication of the service's readers.


What is «Transfermarkt»

«Transfermarkt» is an international service:

  • – in German;
  • – in English;

In 2023, «Transfermarkt» operates on 24 sites and offers the same service to visitors.

Official website Transfermarkt com


«Transfermarkt» provides a convenient interface and simple navigation – the key sections are brought to the main menu:

  • «News» – information about the latest transfers;
  • «Transfers and rumours» – unconfirmed information about transfers and excerpts from interviews with experts, footballers, coaches, and football club administration;
  • «Values» – calculation of the football player's value, information about transfers and rejected applications;
  • «Competitions» – tournament tables and results of famous championships;
  • «Forums» – a forum for live communication between readers;
  • «My TM» – personal account;
  • «LIVE» – results of current matches in real-time.


How to Use

On "Transfermarkt", sports enthusiasts read the news and sort sports events worldwide by dates.

In the "Transfers and Rumors" section, readers learn about the latest transfers, rental agreements in force, contract periods, and transfer records.

You can find out the market values ​​of football players in the "Costs" section. The service displays current player values in the top divisions of Europe, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. An additional menu is available to players in the "Values" section with a team's statistics:

  • ball possession;
  • goals scored;
  • goal timing;
  • goal distribution against different teams;
  • goal distribution by role;
  • number of top scorers;
  • penalty statistics;
  • players involved;
  • share of foreign players involved.

In the "Forums" section, users discuss transfers and football news with other readers. Only authorized users can post on the forum.

"Transfermarkt" provides the ability to sort statistical data by seasons in the league or international championships.

On "Transfermarkt", betting office clients can read the history of teams, footballers, coaches and referees. The service offers statistics of famous referees on yellow and red cards issued.

In the "Tournaments" section, users will find the tournament tables of famous European championships, statistics of the EPL and MLS, information about each team participating in the match.

In "LIVE", you can monitor information about current matches. "Transfermarkt" publishes the current score, the tournament and the duration of the meeting.

To update the information, press the "Refresh here" button.

In the "Transfermarkt" personal account, readers track posts left in the forum, upload photos, add teams and individual matches to "Favorites", configure notifications.

Download the application

The "Transfermarkt" mobile software can only be downloaded from the international version of the site in the "Mobile Apps" section.

Readers can download the application for Android devices in PlayMarket, iPhone or iPad - in AppStore.


Transfermarkt Most Expensive Transfers

On the site of the service, football lovers will find information about the most famous transfers. Data on players can be found on 'Transfermarkt' in the 'Most Expensive Transfers' tab.

Readers will see information about the cost of the contract, the compensation amount, and the clubs the footballers have transferred to.


The information about Ronaldo on 'Transfermarkt' contains data about the player's achievements, trophies won, player's cost schedule.

Users will have access to the full player's statistics, transfer history, and player's social media.


Messi's page on 'Transfermarkt' is not listed in the 'Most Expensive Transfers' section. Fans will find Lionel using the search bar or under the 'Most Expensive Players' section.

The current worth of the player is 50 million euros, with the highest value in his career being 180 million euros.


Kylian Mbappe tops the 'Most Expensive Players' rating table. PSG signed the Frenchman for 180 million euros with a 120 million euro compensation.

Mbappe's page on 'Transfermarkt' offers information on the footballer's achievements, transfer history and individual statistics.


Additional Features

The most important features for betting enthusiasts are the ability to work with club statistics and individual player metrics. Readers use the site as an information resource and a source of unverified information. An additional advantage of 'Transfermarkt' is the ability to interact with other sports lovers.


How useful it is for betting

The possibilities of the Transfermarkt service, which are useful for betting enthusiasts:

  • analysis of players' performance for bets on individual statistic indicators;
  • extensive possibilities for ranking statistics and tables with indicators for yellow cards, goals scored and other popular markets;
  • analysis of referee statistics for bets on cards and penalties.

In Transfermarkt apps, betting players can set up a subscription for notifications and find out about upcoming important football matches.


Pros and Cons

Betting office users and sports analysts point out the advantages and disadvantages of the "Transfermarkt" service.

Advantages Disadvantages
Availability of mobile applications Outdated design
Evaluation of football players' worth, information about transfers and lease contracts Information about Nigerian clubs and athletes is only available on the forum
Extended statistics of individual player indicators and club indicators  
Opportunity to communicate on the forum  

Conclusions: editorial opinion

"Transfermarket" is useful for sports betting enthusiasts and football fans.

On the site, you can glean important information about players and football clubs, learn more about footballers' careers, and view structured statistics in tables.

The service is suitable for analyzing matches for betting on popular European championships.


What is «Transfermarkt»?

«Transfermarkt» is an international platform that primarily focuses on football transfers. It provides news on the latest transfers, player values, rumors, and the schedule of upcoming football matches. As of 2023, «Transfermarkt» operates in 24 languages.

How do I navigate and use the platform?

On "Transfermarkt", users can access various sections like:

  • «News»: for the latest transfer news.
  • «Transfers and rumours»: to find unconfirmed transfer information and excerpts from interviews.
  • «Values»: to determine the market value of football players.
  • «Competitions»: for tournament tables and results.
  • «Forums»: a space for users to communicate.
  • «My TM»: a personal account section.
  • «LIVE»: to track current matches in real time.
What are the most notable features of "Transfermarkt"?

One of the standout features is the 'Most Expensive Transfers' tab, where users can view details about the most significant transfers, such as those involving Ronaldo, Messi, and Mbappe. The service also provides extensive statistics on individual player indicators, clubs, and referees.

Is there a mobile application available?

Yes, «Transfermarkt» offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. These can be downloaded from the PlayMarket for Android devices and the AppStore for iPhones and iPads.

How can «Transfermarkt» benefit betting enthusiasts?

Betting enthusiasts can utilize «Transfermarkt» for:

  • Analyzing players' performance for individual statistic indicators.
  • Accessing extensive ranking statistics and tables for goals scored, yellow cards, and other popular markets.
  • Reviewing referee statistics for potential card and penalty outcomes.
  • Setting up notifications for crucial upcoming matches.
What are the pros and cons of the service?


  • Mobile application availability.
  • Comprehensive player evaluations, transfer data, and lease contracts.
  • Extensive individual player and club statistics.
  • Interactive forum for users.


  1. The design is considered outdated.
  2. Information about specific clubs and athletes (e.g., Nigerian clubs) is limited and primarily found in the forum.
What is the final verdict on «Transfermarkt»?

"Transfermarkt" is a valuable tool for both sports betting enthusiasts and football fans. The site provides comprehensive information about players, clubs, and their associated statistics. It is particularly suitable for analyzing matches for betting on renowned European championships. However, users might find the design outdated, and some regional data can be limited.


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