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Rebelbetting Betting Service Review 2024

Rebelbetting – a professional service for finding arbitrage situations and value bets in bookmakers. The scanner tracks the odds of international bookmakers, and offers clients to place bets on forks with a guaranteed profit.

Rebelbetting: what it is

The Rebelbetting scanner compiles quotes from betting companies. Comparing odds allows for identifying arbitrage situations – bets on mutually exclusive outcomes in 2 or 3 betting companies. The difference in odds guarantees a profit regardless of the match outcome.

Value bets provide high returns – the player bets in the betting line at inflated odds, underestimated by the bookmaker's analysts' outcomes, with a high probability of passing.

The service is available only in English.


Users create an account to access the Rebelbetting scanner's features:

  1. On the service's main page, click the 'Authorize' button.
  2. In the new window, follow the link 'Register new user'.
  3. Enter your email address and click the 'Register' button to subscribe to the free trial version.
  4. Follow the link from Rebelbetting to the stated e-mail to confirm the email address and access the scanner's features.
Upon logging into your account, the client can view instructional guides on searching for and using arbitrage and value bets.


After registering, the user will gain access to a free trial version for 2 weeks.

On Rebelbetting, you can find information about value bets yielding up to 5% and arbitrage situations giving a profit of up to 2%. Up to 50 bets of each type are available daily.

In the paid version – 2 fares.

The start package costs 99 euros per month. The user will get access to arbitrage bets yielding up to 3.5% and value bets yielding up to 7%. The service guarantees monthly ROI growth by 30%.

The professional package costs 219 euros per month. Paying for the package gives access to value bets yielding more than 7% and arbitrage bets yielding from 3.5%.

Players are only offered odds from all bookmaker's lines in the professional package, for example, the Betfair betting exchange.

How to use

The value bet scanner is published in the 'Value bets' section; forks are in the 'Bets' tab.

Searching value bets

The user selects the sporting event to view the betting shops available for betting. The scanner will show the outcomes and odds for placing a bet, and will automatically calculate the profit percentage.

For arbitrage situation bets, the scanner suggests the bet amount for each leg of the fork.


Gambling players use the 'Support Chat' tab in the site's main menu to contact the support service. You can address a service worker with a problem or question in the chat.

In the 'Help' section, there is instructional information detailed instructions for searching for value bets and arbitrage situations.


The service scans for odds for 10 types of sports. Popular disciplines:

Football, tennis, hockey.

Connoisseurs will find forks and value bets for rare types of sport: horse races, American football, and rugby.


The scanner tracks quotes from 15 international betting companies; Nigerian legal offices with an FTS license are not available on the service.

Known bookmakers: bet365, BWin, Coral, Marathonbet, Pinnacle, Unibet, William Hill.

Mobile version and app

You can access the Rebelbetting fork scanner using a tablet or phone through the mobile version of the site.

There is no Rebelbetting software developed for Android and iOS operating systems.

Additional possibilities

Registered users customize the Rebelbetting scanner filters to their preferences in the 'Options' section – they choose the current bankroll and a fixed size for 1 bet.

Filter settings

Users specify 1 or several betting companies on the' Filters' tab. The scanner first involves the lines of the selected bookmakers in its work.

Players sort found events by the potential profit percentage of the arbitrage situation by time until the start of the match.

In the 'Bookmaker' section, the user sets up the currency for placing bets for each betting office with a registered account.

Clients include the middleman's commission in the calculation formula for playing through an exchange.

In the scanner settings, the player on the bet chooses the main currency. The service offers over 50 currency options, including the Nigerian Naira.

The rebelbetting scanner shows the currency specified by the user. It automatically recalculates overall statistics tracking on the service if the client plays with betting companies using other currencies.

Useful for betting

The Rebelbetting scanner is a tool for clients of betting companies. When placing bets on forks and value bets on the service, users will find many high-yield recommendations after purchasing a paid subscription.

Conclusions: Editorial opinion

Rebelbetting arb scanner is a tool for professional bettors. The scanner offers quotes in the lines of many betting companies.

Paying for access to odds at a price of 99 or 219 euros per month for beginner players is wasteful. Beginners may be attracted by a detailed training section and a free 2-week access to aims at arbitrage situations with little profitability.

The “Inforecast” editorial board reminds bettors about the need to comply with the rules of bookmakers. Legal Nigerian bookmakers recognize the use of arbitrage situations as fraud.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
High speed of quotes scanning High cost of paid subscription
Many features, filters with individual settings Limited number of sports and bookmakers
Free two-week access after registration Risk of losing a bookmaker account due to arbitrage
Prompt customer support  



What is Rebelbetting?

Rebelbetting is a professional service specializing in identifying arbitrage situations and value bets across international bookmakers. It allows users to bet on outcomes that ensure a profit regardless of the match result.

How does Rebelbetting work?

The service compiles odds from betting companies and compares them to find arbitrage situations. These are scenarios where the difference in odds between bookmakers guarantees a profit.

What languages does Rebelbetting support?

Currently, Rebelbetting is available only in English.

How do I register for Rebelbetting?

To register:

  • Go to the main page and click 'Authorize'.
  • In the subsequent window, select 'Register new user'.
  • Input your email and follow the subsequent steps provided.
What is the cost of using Rebelbetting?

After a free trial period of 2 weeks, there are two packages:

Start package: €99/month with access to value bets up to 7% and arbitrage situations up to 3.5%.

Professional package: €219/month which provides access to value bets above 7% and all odds, including those from the Betfair betting exchange.

How many sports does Rebelbetting cover?

Rebelbetting scans odds for 10 sports, including popular ones like football, tennis, hockey, and rare ones like horse races, American football, and rugby.

Which bookmakers does Rebelbetting track?

It tracks 15 international betting companies such as bet365, BWin, Coral, Marathonbet, Pinnacle, Unibet, and William Hill.


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