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OddsJam: Betting Service Review 2024

The site is an English-speaking fork scanner aimed at finding arbitrage situations in popular international bookmakers and central US and Canadian sportsbooks.

The resource is only available in English, bookmaker customers can use the built-in browser online translator.


OddsJam offers a wide range of opportunities for gambling enthusiasts:

  • search for arbitrage and corridor bets;
  • latest news in the sports world;
  • training video view;
  • training in gambling and casino betting;
  • search matches with overrated quotes;
  • a scanner of coefficient movement in the bookmaker's line;
  • Search for free bets on American bookmaker offices.

OddsJam users most often use the service for arbitrage searching.

American bookmakers tolerate arbitrage players, which allows players to use arbitrage and profit, regardless of the match's outcome.


The arbitrage scanner is located in the "Arbitrage Calculator" section; the service displays only 1 arbitrage per day for free.

A paid subscription is required for access to a larger number of arbitrage situations.

Arbitrage at the OddsJam website

The section provides a calculator for quick calculation of the bet amount on each arm of an arbitrage and a list of optimal bookmakers for forming arbitrage situation.


The service scans lines from over 30 bookmaker offices. Most bookmakers are US companies that only accept bets from American users.

OddsJam considers the outcomes of 14 sports disciplines and lines for betting on political events.

Available sports on the OddsJam scanner website

The lines for American football, basketball, baseball, and hockey are represented most thoroughly on the OddsJam website.


The OddsJam arbitrage scanner does not provide gamblers with a mobile application. Bookmaker clients use the service only on the official website.


Users have access to odds format settings. OddsJam sets American format quotes by default, but European players can choose European odds.


OddsJam service offers its readers 3 tariff plans:

  • "Plus Plan" - 39 USD per month;
  • "Industry Plan" - 199 USD per month;
  • "Platinum Plan" - upon request to the service's support.

The tariff plans provide different possibilities and access to the extended functionality of the surebet scanner.

Tariff plans of the surebet scanner OddsJam

OddsJam accepts payments only from bank cards.


The service OddsJam is aimed at American players who place bets at bookmakers in the US and Canada. European fans of sports betting will not be able to find a large number of forks for popular international bookmakers on the scanner site.


What is OddsJam?

OddsJam is an English-speaking fork scanner designed to detect arbitrage opportunities in widely recognized international bookmakers and primary US and Canadian sportsbooks.

In what language is OddsJam available?

OddsJam is exclusively available in English. However, users can utilize the built-in browser translator for translations.

What are the main features of OddsJam?

OddsJam provides a plethora of features:

  • Search for arbitrage and corridor bets.
  • Access to the latest sports news.
  • Training videos and gambling tutorials.
  • Match search with inflated odds.
  • Odds movement scanner in bookmaker lines.
  • A feature to find free bets in American bookmaker offices.
What is the focus of OddsJam users?

The primary focus of OddsJam users is on searching for arbitrage opportunities.

How does arbitrage work on OddsJam?

Users can find the arbitrage scanner in the "Arbitrage Calculator" section. However, only one arbitrage per day is displayed for free. A paid subscription is necessary to access more arbitrage situations.

How many bookmakers does OddsJam cover?

OddsJam scans lines from over 30 bookmaker offices, primarily focusing on US companies that cater to American users.

What sports are available on OddsJam?

OddsJam covers outcomes for 14 sports disciplines and also offers lines for betting on political events. The platform mainly emphasizes American sports like American football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.


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