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Liveresult Betting Service Review 2024

The Liveresult service is an assistant for betting office players. The resource collects statistical information on different types of sports, odds of popular betting offices, and pre-match statistics.

The website's analysts regularly post forecasts for leading events, sports news, and betting company reviews.

What is Liveresult?

The 'Liveresult' project was created in 2001 as a site for broadcasting the results of sports matches. As the resource developed, the developers added additional features: bookmaker reviews, forecasts, and contests.

The site presents events in 11 sports:

  • Football;
  • Hockey;
  • Tennis;
  • Basketball;
  • Car racing;
  • MMA;
  • Volleyball;
  • Handball;
  • Baseball;
  • Esports;
  • Boxing.

The statistics for the Winter and Summer Olympic Games have been available to users since 2014.

How to Use

On the 'Liveresult' site, users can find pre-match statistics and reports on international tournaments at both club and national level, and national continental championships; for each sport presented on, a list of popular tournaments among fans is collected.

Underneath the list of top championships, the developers have placed a list of national championships from the CIS, Europe, Asia, South and North America, Oceania, and Africa. The 'Other' section collects international tournaments held on different continents.

On the 'Liveresult' site, quotes from 9 companies are available:

  • "Fonbet";
  • "Liga Stavok";
  • "Winline";
  • "Betscity";
  • "Melbet";
  • "Zenit";
  • "Pari";
  • "Tennis";
  • Pinnacle.

Users compare quotes in different betting shops for the primary outcome of the match, and study predictions from Liveresult for football and other sports.


Creating an account on Liveresult:

  1. Press the 'Login' button and switch to the 'Registration' tab.
  2. In the form, specify the username, email address, password, time zone.
  3. Accept the rules of the site.
  4. If desired, subscribe to the newsletter.

After creating an account, a client can participate in a forecast contest in 'Liveresult' for football and hockey – in the 'Competitions' section, indicate the score in the proposed matches and press the 'Send' button. A text comment can be left for each forecast.

The site team awards prizes to the 3 best forecasters – branded scarves with the service emblem every month.

Download the app

Live broadcasts on Liveresult are available to users in mobile, full versions of the site and applications for phones and tablets. The service creators have developed programs for Android and iOS operating systems. Software can be downloaded from the official Play Market and App Store.

In the applications, users follow the text broadcasts of matches for all disciplines available on the service, and study pre-match statistics and tournament tables.


Liveresult: live text broadcasts

Liveresult's live text broadcasts are available for popular football, hockey and tennis championships. Commentators conduct broadcasts in English, covering every event in the match in detail updating information every minute.


Text broadcasts on “Liveresult” are available for leading European national championships and cups of England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. In addition, the service provides detailed coverage of the England Premier League, championships of the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey and Australia, and international tournaments involving clubs and teams.

For the convenience of users, the following are marked in the broadcast with coloured symbols:

  • start and end of the match;
  • goals;
  • warnings and removals;
  • replacements;
  • dangerous moments;
  • fouls.

After registration, users leave comments on the meeting page.

Liveresult adds links to bookmaker website with free live game broadcasts.


For text hockey broadcasts, Liveresult selects matches of the Continental Hockey League and top NHL matches.

Commentators highlight:

  • scored pucks;
  • dangerous moments;
  • removals;
  • player injuries.

After the game, you can find video reports with the central moments of the match on the website or in the application.

In the section with hockey tournaments on “Liveresult”, users will find links to resources with paid broadcasts.


Additional Opportunities

Betting enthusiasts can find a lot of information for pre-match predictions on Liveresult.

Information available in the pre-match statistics for a football match:

  • team line-ups;
  • List of injured and disqualified players;
  • history of head-to-head matchups;
  • Current season statistics - number of wins, draws, and losses after matches and each individual half-time;
  • average score per game;
  • top scorers;
  • List of players with yellow and red cards;
  • clean and comeback wins and losses;
  • schedule of goals scored and conceded on intervals from 1 to 15 minutes, from 16 to 30 minutes, and so on;
  • seasonal exact score statistics for each team.

On «Liveresult» for the KHL and other championships, the standings are presented - users can assess overall statistics separately for home or away games.

Tennis tournament statistics on «Liveresult» are not that detailed. Users can find the results of the last matches of each athlete and a list of head-to-head encounters and consult the WTA, and ATP rankings in singles and doubles.

NBA game fans have access to basketball tournament statistics on «Liveresult». Before the start of the match, a user can study the list of injured and disqualified players in each team, the results of the latest matches and personal confrontations.

Usefulness for Bets

The most complete information for predicting Liveresult is collected for football and hockey tournaments. Statistical data help to identify the favourite of the confrontation and predict the productivity of the upcoming meeting.

For other sports, the service provides a minimum of information - the results of the latest and head-to-head encounters team positions in standings are insufficient for making a full-fledged prediction.


Pros and Cons of the Service

Advantages of the service:

  • detailed text broadcasts;
  • lots of statistical data for football and hockey matches;
  • quotes from major bookmakers for comparison.

The disadvantages noted by users include the lack of live statistics, a limited choice of sports, and minimal information on unpopular disciplines.


Conclusions: editorial opinion

The sports statistics and live broadcast service Liveresult falls behind many resources with similar functionality. For match analysis, there is little statistics on game results, for example, indicating the percentage of ball possession, number of shots on goal, and on target. The statistical minimum does not allow for an accurate prediction of upcoming games.



What is Liveresult?

Liveresult started in 2001 as a sports match results broadcasting site. Over time, the developers expanded its features to include bookmaker reviews, forecasts, and contests. The site covers events in 11 sports and has offered statistics for the Winter and Summer Olympic Games since 2014.

What sports does Liveresult cover?

Liveresult provides information on Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Car racing, MMA, Volleyball, Handball, Baseball, Esports, and Boxing.

How can I register on Liveresult?

To create an account on Liveresult:

  • Click the 'Login' button.
  • Switch to the 'Registration' tab.
  • Fill in the required details: username, email address, password, and time zone.
  • Accept the site's rules and optionally subscribe to the newsletter.
  • After registration, users can participate in forecast contests for football and hockey.
Are there any mobile applications for Liveresult?

Yes, Liveresult offers mobile applications for both Android and iOS. These apps can be downloaded from the official Play Market and App Store. Within these applications, users can access text broadcasts of matches, pre-match statistics, and tournament tables.

What does Liveresult's live text broadcast offer?

Liveresult's live text broadcasts cover popular football, hockey, and tennis championships in English. The service provides detailed match events updated every minute, including goals, warnings, substitutions, and other significant moments. After registering, users can also comment on the ongoing matches.

What are the additional features provided by Liveresult?

Liveresult offers extensive pre-match statistics, including team line-ups, injured/disqualified player lists, head-to-head history, current season statistics, average scores per game, and much more. This detailed data is especially abundant for football and hockey matches, helping users make informed bets.

What are the main pros and cons of Liveresult?

Advantages include detailed text broadcasts, extensive statistical data for football and hockey matches, and odds from major bookmakers for easy comparison. However, the service's downsides involve the lack of live statistics, a restricted selection of sports, and minimal information on less popular disciplines.


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