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Forebet Betting Service Review 2024

Forebet, a website with mathematical predictions for football and tennis, has posted the company's slogan on the main page "Football is math!".

Forebet creates sports predictions based on computer calculations considering past team results and weather conditions.

Visitors to the site will find predictions on outcomes, exact score, average number of goals, both teams will score and other match results.

The site is available in 10 languages, including English and Polish.

No registration or subscription purchase is required to access the service's full functionality.

What is Forebet

Forebet is an international site for free football predictions. In addition to sports forecasts, the service offers match and tournament results and statistics, shows stadium weather conditions, and average bookmaker odds.

Main sections of the site:

  • "Predictions" - football forecasts for 700+ championships of different levels;
  • "Team Comparison" - comparison of the results and statistics of 2 selected teams;
  • "Live Football Results" - match centre with the results of current confrontations;
  • "Injuries" - an up-to-date list of injured and disqualified footballers;
  • "Tennis" - a section of tennis forecasts on outcomes and average number of sets in matches.



How Forebet is useful for betting

Forebet's forecasts enable bettors to know the expected outcome of a match based on team results and statistics, thus increasing the likelihood of placing a winning bet.

The creators of the Forebet service do not recommend bettors to place bets solely based on mathematical calculations – it's necessary to use different sources of information.

On the VP-Bet, you can find prepared predictions for football and tennis from both professionals and amateurs.

Forebet Mathematical Predictions

In 2024, Forebet provides football and tennis predictions for today.

When making predictions, the Forebet service takes into account the results and statistics of the teams in previous seasons, the presence of injured and disqualified players, and the weather conditions on the day of the confrontation.

Football Predictions

On the Forebet website, football predictions include predictions on the result of each match:

  • 1X2, exact score, average number of goals;
  • total 2.5 over or under;
  • first half/match, both teams to score;
  • double chance, Asian handicap;
  • goal scorers and corners.

On the page of the selected match, players will find statistics and results of opponents, lists of injured and disqualified players.

For teams that participate in several tournaments simultaneously, you can see information separately for each competition.

Tennis Predictions

The number of tennis predictions is limited, sports predictions are not available daily.

Results of the last tennis predictions

On Forebet, mathematical tennis predictions are provided for the winner of the match and the number of sets in the game. In this section, you can see the results of predictions.

Conclusions: Editorial Opinion

Forebet is a useful sports forecasting service that can enhance your betting results.

The Forebet computer analysis allows you to discover the most probable game results based on mathematical data.

It is not advisable to rely solely on the Forebet mathematical analysis, it is important to consider expert opinions, bookmakers line movements, and your own expectations.

Advantages Disadvantages
Free predictions for 700+ football leagues No forecasts for hockey and basketball
A large number of predictable match outcomes  
No need for registration  
Information about injured and disqualified footballers  


What is Forebet?

Forebet is a free international website that provides mathematical predictions for football and tennis matches based on various factors including past team results, statistics, and weather conditions. It offers detailed information about over 700 championships and does not require users to register or subscribe.

How is Forebet useful for betting?

Forebet enhances betting decisions by offering predictions based on comprehensive mathematical analyses. It gives bettors insights into possible match outcomes, increasing the chances of making a successful bet. Despite its utility, Forebet emphasizes the importance of using multiple sources of information for betting decisions.

What type of predictions does Forebet offer for football matches?

For football matches, Forebet offers predictions on a variety of outcomes including the match result (1X2), exact score, average number of goals, both teams scoring, and more. It also provides statistics and results of opponents and lists of injured and disqualified players.

Does Forebet offer tennis predictions daily?

No, Forebet’s tennis predictions are not available daily. However, it provides predictions for the match's winner and the number of sets in the game, along with the results of the last tennis predictions.

Is registration required to access Forebet's services?

Forebet does not require users to register or subscribe to access its full range of services and predictions.

How does Forebet make its predictions?

Forebet uses computer calculations that take into account past team performance, the presence of injured and disqualified players, and weather conditions on the day of the match to make predictions for football and tennis events.

What is the editorial opinion on Forebet?

Forebet is seen as a beneficial sports forecasting service that helps improve betting results with its mathematical analysis and predictions. However, it is advisable not to rely solely on Forebet’s predictions and to consider other factors, such as expert opinions and bookmakers’ line movements, for a more comprehensive betting strategy.


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