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Flashscore Betting Service Review 2024

FlashScore is a popular sports statistics site among betting enthusiasts and match centres.

"Flashscore" service provides detailed analytics for 30+ types of sports. Visitors to the resource will find sports statistics, match schedules, bookmakers' odds, and movement of quotes in sportsbooks.

FlashScore service is available to users in English language for free without registration.

What is Flashscore

Having been operational since 2006, the website has a simple and intuitive design. The resource 'Flashscore' is popular among Nigerian betting enthusiasts. In 2020, the project was rebranded, having previously been named MyScore.

The tool provides access to analytics for 30+ sports genres, including both famous and obscure game disciplines:

  • Football, hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball;
  • Esports, futsal, handball, badminton;
  • Boxing, MMA, horse racing, snooker, baseball.

The website offers data on pretty much all professional competitions, as well as women's, regional, and youth championships.

How to use

On the homepage, visitors will find a football match centre with a schedule and outcomes of current competitions.

The list of sports leagues by country allows users to locate the needed competition quickly.

In the match-center, you can adjust the display of past and future events that start no later than 7 days before and no earlier than 7 days after the current date.

In the match centre, visitors select a filter:

  • All - shows encounter today or on the selected day;
  • Live - current events;
  • Odds - odds for 1X2 outcomes;
  • Completed - outcomes of completed games;
  • Schedule - schedule of future confrontations.

Clicking on the selected match will open statistical information, tournament tables, bookmaker quotes, outcomes of head-to-head meetings of opponents, and video reviews for important competitions.

When a league is clicked, FlashScore displays the outcomes of the latest matches and of any selected round, as well as the schedule of future games.

The site provides statistics on the current championship and past seasons, for example, the Champions League archive is available from the 1971/72 season, and the English Premier League - from the 1998 season.

For convenient monitoring of games and teams, visitors use the "Favorites" section and receive notifications on added games.

Download the app

The FlashScore app is available for mobile device users on iOS and Android.

The software supports a similar service, a larger number of personal settings, and the ability to configure PUSH-notifications.

Additional settings:

  • changes to the theme design and odds format;
  • choice of the main sport at startup;
  • choice of the sequence of sports in the menu;
  • choice of how to sort events - by tournament name or start time;
  • setting notifications for game actions, e.g. goal, halftime score, or red card.

In the app, you can share the results and announcements of sports events on social networks, save notes, and send them by email.


Section "Betting Odds"

Each game screen features a section labelled "Odds," where you can view major markets' odds from legal companies.

In football, fans can view match, first-half, and second-half odds:

  • 1X2 and double outcomes;
  • totals over and under;
  • Asian handicaps;
  • first half/full time;
  • exact score and even/odd;
  • both teams to score.

"Flashscore" shows the movement of odds in bookmaker platforms. Increased odds are highlighted in green, decreased ones in red.

Beneath the odds, visitors can find welcome offers from legal bookmakers with links to the bookmaker's website.

Live Section

When choosing the 'Live' filter in the match center of any sport, you can see current competitions.

The section allows you to observe ongoing events and receive sound notifications when results change.

Updates in live occur timely. When the score changes, penalty, removal or another significant action, users will see a notification on the screen.

When you click on a selected competition, you can see the statistics and participant line-ups, the tournament table and odds.

Team Statistics

A large amount of statistical data on football, hockey, basketball teams and tennis players is available on the resource.


Detailed information on the club page is structured by sections:

  • "Overview" - latest results, schedule of upcoming competitions and the latest football transfers;
  • "News" – news about the club;
  • "Results" – game results in each championship;
  • "Calendar" – calendar of future matches;
  • "Table" – final, based on the results of the last confrontations, with a certain total more or less, first half/game, by scorers;
  • "Transfers" – transfer transfers of footballers;
  • "Line-up" – squads with the result of each footballer in the current season.

The screen of a football match in "FlashScore" presents the main and additional data of participants:

  • Expected goals xG;
  • ball possession;
  • shots, hits on goal and misses;
  • penalties, corners, offsides;
  • throw-ins, saves;
  • fouls, yellow cards;
  • passes, interceptions, attacks.

Users can open statistics of the whole competition only in the first or second half.


The service provides detailed statistics for serves, returns, points and games in the match centre:

  • serves – aces serve, double faults, first serve percentage, points won on the first and second serve, saved breakpoints;
  • returns – winning rallies with the first and second serve, realized breakpoints;
  • points – actively won rallies, random errors, wins at the net, serve and return, consecutive wins, total number of wins;
  • games – consecutive winning games, games won on own serve, games won on return, total number of games won.
Statistical tennis data is available by the end of the entire competition and for each set separately.


The hockey club page presents information about the team and tournament tables:

  • after all confrontations, taking into account home and guest meetings;
  • on the latest results;
  • totals over and under;
  • by the scorers.

On the screen of a hockey match, you can find statistical indicators for the results of the game and separate periods:

  • shots on goal, percentage of realized shots;
  • blocked shots;
  • reflected shots, percentage of reflected shots;
  • removals and penalty time;
  • goals in majority and minority;
  • percentage of realized majority;
  • percentage of games in minority without conceded goals;
  • body checks and won faceoffs;
  • faceoffs win percentage;
  • losses, interceptions and empty net goals.
Matches of popular competitions are accompanied by statistics of hockey players.


The basketball club page provides information about the team and tournament tables.

Basketball enthusiasts have access to extensive statistical information on matches, data can be opened at the end of the meeting and separate quarters:

  • points – total number, successful shots, field goal percentage, 3-point, 2-point, 1-point shots;
  • rebounds – offensive, defensive, total amount;
  • miscellaneous – assists, blocks, turnovers, steals, personal and technical fouls.
For the games of popular tournaments, the "FlashScore" service offers statistics for basketball players.

Player Statistics

On a player's page, one can see individual statistics.


The FlashScore service provides statistical information on footballers:

  • latest game results – time on field, goals, own goals, yellow and red cards if any;
  • career – data by seasons, tournaments, and clubs;
  • transfers – transfer information;
  • injuries – injuries with period of absence and type of injury.

The information is available practically for all professional footballers except for representatives of some minor-known leagues.


"Flash Score" provides detailed information for each selected tennis player in areas:

  • "Overview" – recent singles, doubles, and mixed doubles games, schedule of upcoming performances, statistical data by years and categories, won tournaments;
  • "News" – latest news;
  • "Results" – performance results in competitions;
  • "Calendar" – schedule of future matches.
Each tennis player's card indicates the athlete's age and their ATP or WTA ranking.


The FlashScore service offers detailed statistics on professional hockey players:

  • career – performance summaries by seasons, leagues, and teams;
  • transfers – transfers;
  • injuries – injuries with periods of absence and type of injury information.
The site doesn't provide information on the players' practical actions individually for each match.

NHL, KHL, and famous European tournaments statistics are available individually for hockey players.


On a basketball player's page, one can find statistical data on the athlete:

  • results of the latest matches – minutes played, points scored, rebounds, assists, steals, and turnovers;
  • career – performance summaries in seasons, championships, in teams;
  • transfers – transfer information;
  • injuries – injuries with type and recovery period.
There is no information about the performances on the basketball player's page.

Individual information on participants is collected on the NBA, Euroleague, and top European championships pages.

Esports on Flashscore (Myscore) site

The updated 'Flash Score' site extensively covers 11 computer games, including Dota 2, CS: GO, LoL, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, FIFA, and NHL.

Events can be found using filters for disciplines and tournaments.

Popular esports competitions are located in the 'Current Tournaments' section.

Matches can be searched using the 'All', 'Live', 'Odds', 'Completed', 'Schedule' filters and by date.

Former MyScore

Prior to its rebranding in 2020, the site was called MyScore. In 2024, you can find the resource in the search results by typing 'MyScore' or 'Майскор'.

FlashScore in English

FlashScore has a fully English interface. The names of the teams and the names of the athletes are translated into English.

Additional Features

FlashScore supports a number of additional features:

  • text broadcasts of important sporting events;
  • adding matches to 'Favorites' with sound notifications;
  • viewing past results and future match schedule.

The site and app include a search bar for selecting leagues, matches, teams, and athletes.

How it's useful for betting

FlashScore provides access to detailed sports statistics for championships, matches, teams, and players, allowing for thorough analysis for placing winning bets in a betting office.

Visitors use the odds comparison service to find the best quotes for selected outcomes at Nigerian bookmakers.

The Match Center allows you to learn the results of completed matches and follow current events live.

In the mobile app, you can add matches, teams, and players to 'Favorites' to get sound notifications about matches even on a locked screen.

Users of iOS and Android devices can download FlashScore.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Detailed analytics across 30 gaming disciplines Less statistical data on tournaments compared to competitors
Wide coverage of supported competitions
Convenient match-center and odds comparison service in Russian bookmakers
Available in Russian language
Software for iOS and Android with personal settings

Conclusions: editorial opinion

FlashScore - a useful tool for betting clients, using it could improve sports forecasting quality.

The full service can be used without registration.

Personal configuration options for events tracking are available in the software for users.

Betting school has published educational articles about betting on various sports and effective game strategies that can help in placing winning bets.


What is FlashScore?

FlashScore is a comprehensive sports statistics site that provides detailed analytics for over 30 types of sports. It offers sports statistics, match schedules, bookmaker odds, and movements of quotes in sportsbooks, helping betting enthusiasts and sports followers stay updated with all relevant information.

Is FlashScore free to use?

Yes, FlashScore is available for users in English for free without any registration, providing easy and quick access to a wealth of sports information and statistics.

How can I use the FlashScore service?

Users can easily navigate through the homepage to find a football match center with a schedule and outcomes of current competitions. The match center allows users to filter displays for past and future events, live events, odds for outcomes, completed games, and scheduled confrontations. Clicking on a specific match will open detailed statistical information, tournament tables, bookmaker quotes, and more.

Is there a mobile application for FlashScore?

Yes, FlashScore offers a mobile application available for iOS and Android users. The app offers similar services with additional settings for personalization and the ability to configure PUSH notifications for game actions.

Can I view live sports events on FlashScore?

Yes, the 'Live' filter in the match centre lets you view and follow live sports events, with real-time updates and notifications for significant actions and score changes.

Does FlashScore provide betting odds?

Yes, FlashScore features a "Betting Odds" section where users can view major markets’ odds from legal companies for football matches, including various types of bets such as 1X2, totals, Asian handicaps, and more.

Can I get player statistics on FlashScore?

Absolutely. FlashScore provides extensive statistical data for various sports including football, hockey, basketball, and tennis. You can find detailed information about clubs, players, and individual match statistics to help make informed decisions and analyses.


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