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BM bets Betting Service Review 2024

BM bets – an online assistant for bookmaker clients in finding surebets and comparing odds in companies.
The service has been operating since 2010 in popular languages in the domain zones.

BM bets: what it is

BMbets offers free functionality to website guests. Paid features are only available to registered clients.

Authorization in the account and subscription purchase allow for more profitable forks set filters on the site according to personal preferences.


To create an account, a newcomer needs to click the 'Registration' button on the main page and fill out the form – enter:

  • name;
  • e-mail address;
  • password;
  • gender.

Registration form

Website visitors can create a personal profile after agreeing to the user agreement terms and clicking on the link from from an e-mail.

Check the' Spam' section if the message is not in the 'Inbox' folder.

You can register and log in to your account through your Google or Facebook account.


To get access to, bookmaker players buy virtual currency on the site at the rate: 1 euro = 1 BM bets point:

  1. Visit the site scanner and log in.
  2. Open the 'Points' section and click the 'Buy BM points' button.
  3. Use the 'Pay Now' button or scan the QR code with the phone's camera for payment.

The system accepts transfers through cryptocurrency wallets. BM Bets recommends using the Coinbase online platform or paying directly in coins:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • USD Coin;
  • Dogecoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Dai;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Tether.

Payment is possible through the Polygon blockchain platform in Matic, USD Coin, and Wrapped Ether.

The cost of 1 day access to BM Bets – 1 euro.

You must purchase a package for at least 5 days to activate a subscription.

How to use

After logging into the BM bets site, the user enters the bookmaker's scanner. The page presents a list of upcoming sports events with profitable quotes, a list of sports and available championships for analysis.

Beneath the list of popular events, developers have placed the main functions of the service with links to each section:

  • 'Blocked matches' – events on which most bookmakers have closed the line, for example, when the advantage of 1 out of the teams has become obvious, On BM bets, you can click on the event of interest and find a bookmaker still accepting bets;
  • 'Betting corridors' – a list of matches with an arbitrage situation, when 2 bets will pass in different bookmaker's offices or the first will win, and the second will be returned, for example, making a bet on the total in basketball on TB (150.5) and TM (155.5) the player will get double profit if the teams score from 151 to 155 points in the end;
  • 'Forks' – no-loss bets on mutually exclusive outcomes, for example, on TB (2.5) and TM (2.5) in football – due to the difference in coefficients in bookmakers, the user receives a profit regardless of the outcome;
  • 'Bets with a preponderance' – changes in coefficients compared to the opening line, can find value - overestimated quotes.

The information is available in BMbets in the free version – forks with up to 10% profitability. The profitability of evaluated bets without a subscription does not exceed 2%.

Technical support

Users can contact the support service to get a consultation from free scanner BMbets experts. The form for writing an appeal is located in the 'Contact' section. In the message, you need to indicate your name and e-mail. The answer will come to your e-mail within 1-5 minutes.

You can contact support specialists via e-mail at [email protected].

Sports Types

The Bmbets site tracks events for 37 popular and rare sports:

  • football, hockey;
  • basketball, tennis;
  • volleyball, snooker;
  • squash, floorball, Australian football.

The service offers a wide selection of esports disciplines - League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike, Valorant, Age of Empires, Mobile Legends, StarCraft II.

When selecting any sport, the 'Map' button will open a world map marked with countries where competitions in the discipline take place. If you hover over a state, the service will display a list of championships and the number of matches for each upcoming tournament.

When selecting a type of sport, you can click on the 'Today's matches' tab and see a list of countries and tournaments for the discipline that interests the client.

Betting Companies

The BMbets scanner tracks the odds of 59 international betting companies such as 1xBet, bet365, BWin, William Hill, and others.

For each bookmaker, reference information is provided:

  • rating;
  • average margin;
  • license;
  • methods of account replenishment and withdrawal of winnings;
  • ways to contact customer service.


Mobile Version and Application

The BMbets fork scanner operates on a version of the main site adapted for phone and tablet screens. There are no iOS or Android applications.


Additional Capabilities

After paying for a subscription, betting clients get the opportunity to set up filters in the scanner:

  • betting companies;
  • sports types;
  • profit percentages.
You can save filters in your favorites, saving time on setting parameters.

Why It's Useful for Betting

The "BMbets" service scans and compares odds in betting companies, showing sports and esports fans any discovered betting forks, corridors and value bets.

The information obtained helps players find no-loss options for placing a bet or bookmakers with the highest quotes on the selected outcome.


Conclusions: Editorial opinion

BM Bets will interest users who are starting to explore the value bets and arbitrage situations market with useful free functions and a cheap subscription.

The apparent disadvantage of the arbitration scanner is the long update of quotes, users often do not have time to bet in the bookmaker at a favorable rate.


Pros and Cons

Advantages of the service:

  • many free surebets and value bets;
  • subscription - 1 euro per day;
  • line scanner of 59 bookmaker companies;
  • prompt technical support.

Disadvantages of the bookmaker arbitrage scanner:

  • slow updating of bookmaker quotes;
  • lack of a mobile application.


What is BM bets?

BM bets is an online platform that assists bookmaker clients in finding surebets and comparing odds among different betting companies. The service offers its users free and paid features, providing access to more advantageous forks and the ability to set personal filters.

How do I register for BM bets?

To register, click the 'Registration' button on the main page and fill in your name, e-mail address, password, and gender. After agreeing to the user agreement terms, you'll receive an email from to confirm your registration. You can also register and log in through Google or Facebook.

How does the pricing model work?

Access to requires the purchase of virtual currency on the site at 1 euro for 1 BM bets point. A minimum of 5 days of access must be purchased to activate a subscription, with 1 day of access costing 1 euro. Payment can be made through various cryptocurrencies or the Polygon blockchain platform.

How can users use the BM bets platform?

Once logged in, users can access the bookmaker's scanner, which lists upcoming sports events with profitable odds. The site offers features like 'Blocked matches', 'Betting corridors', 'Forks', and 'Bets with a preponderance'. Free access is limited to forks with up to 10% profitability and valued bets up to 2%.

How can I contact BM bets' technical support?

Users can fill out a form in the 'Contact' section or email [email protected]. Responses are typically received within 1-5 minutes.

What sports types are covered by BM bets?

BMbets covers 37 sports, ranging from popular ones like football and hockey to esports like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. Users can view a map showing where competitions for each sport are taking place and access a list of matches scheduled for the day.

Does BM bets have a mobile app?

BMbets operates on a version of the main site adapted for phone and tablet screens, but currently, there are no dedicated mobile applications for iOS or Android.


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