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Betting Insider Service Review 2024

Betting Insider service is a social network for professional players in bookmakers, regularly publishing match predictions.

The service provides bet recommendations for football championships, bookmaker reviews, and a match center.

Betting Insider: What is it

Betting Insider is a site for football betting enthusiasts in bookmaker platforms. Users publish sports forecasts, follow the recommendations of experienced players, play on a virtual account.

Why Betting Insider is useful for betting

On the 'Betting Insider' service, bookmaker clients receive advice on how to place bets on football events from experienced players.

The site keeps track of user recommendations, calculates ROI based on the results - a key indicator for bookmaker clients, which records the ratio of profit and initial bank in percentages.

ROI allows you to assess the usefulness of a forecaster objectively.

Service Functionality

Betting Insider operates in  English.

In addition to the full and mobile versions of the site, the service developers offer users an application for iOS and Android operating systems.

Virtual bets in Betting Insider

After registration, website readers can bet on a virtual Betting Insider account.

Creating an account:

  1. Provide an email address.
  2. Make up a password.

Upon opening a profile, the player receives 5000 virtual coins from Betting Insider.

Service users cannot learn online or from support operators how to withdraw money from Betting Insider. The virtual bookmaker does not pay out winnings.

Options for Betting Insider

On the main page of Betting Insider, a list of the best predictions by the ROI indicator and popular tips for current football matches are published. You can go to the user profile to study current recommendations.

The odds for the recommended outcome and the number of players who have chosen the market are specified on the event page.

Sections of the user's account on the site:

  • "My subscriptions" – a list of forecasters whose profiles are subscribed to, recommended matches for bets;
  • "My advice" – a list of user recommendations;
  • "My Statistics" – the number of predictions, the average amount of one bet, the biggest win and loss of the bookmaker's client, the current balance, and the number of subscribers and subscriptions made.
The Betting Insider service automatically calculates ROI from the moment of registration on the site.

Under the table, detailed forecasters' recommendations are compiled - the choice of outcome for betting and justifying the decision. The service indicates the predictor's ROI, the success of the last 5 recommendations - and the number of wins and losses.

In the "Ratings" section, a list of the 100 best cappers by ROI indicator is compiled, indicating the total number of bets placed on Betting Insider.

From the main page, the client can go to the "Best bookmakers" section with a rating of 11 international companies. Nigerian sportsbooks are not in the section.

For each bookmaker, the service analysts have prepared reviews of the features of sites and mobile applications, ways of registration, bonus policy, line and listing, and compiled a list of pros and cons.

The Betting Insider service determines the overall rating of the bookmakers and evaluates key factors:

  • bonuses;
  • the convenience of using the site and applications;
  • support service work.
Registered users can leave scores and comments on the bookmaker.

In the "Blog" section, sports news is collected. The information has not been updated for a long time - the last messages were added in April 2021.

Cappers cannot publish posts in the "Blog".

In the "Frequently Asked Questions" section, gamblers will find answers to common questions about the site's functions profile settings.

A Betting Insider user gets access to predictions for started and future matches.

Available championships

Betting Insider covers 5 tournaments in detail:

  • English Premier League;
  • German Bundesliga;
  • Spanish La Liga;
  • Champions League;
  • Europa League.

Each tournament section includes a brief note about the championship, the current tournament table, and rules. The reader can find out how many teams are leaving the tournament, how many clubs are making it to the European cups, and view the table by home, away, or all games.

Betting Strategy Using Betting Insider Data

Sports forecasts from Bet Insider can help a user when placing bets at bookmaker's platforms if you choose a successful forecaster with a high ROI indicator and follow the recommendations.

Experienced players do not recommend betting on all forecasts in a row. It is necessary to additionally conduct a self pre-match analysis of each meeting, to study statistical indicators. Over the long run, thoughtless betting will lead to financial losses.

Editorial Opinion

The Betting Insider service provides a platform for forecasters to post recommendations on football matches. Users get free access to forecasts.

The site offers a virtual betting office service.

There is little information in the match centre; sports statistics are missing - you need to use other services to compile a pre-match analysis.


What is Betting Insider?

Betting Insider is a social network service for professional bookmaker players, offering match predictions, bet recommendations for football championships, bookmaker reviews, and a matching centre. It enables users to publish sports forecasts and follow experienced players' advice on a virtual account.

Why is Betting Insider useful for betting?

Betting Insider is useful as it provides advice and insights on betting on football events from experienced players. It keeps track of user recommendations, calculates ROI, and helps assess the usefulness of a forecaster objectively.

Is there a mobile application for Betting Insider?

Yes, Betting Insider offers a mobile application for both iOS and Android operating systems in addition to the full and mobile versions of the site.

How does virtual betting in Betting Insider work?

After registration, users receive 5000 virtual coins from Betting Insider for betting on a virtual account. Note that the virtual bookmaker does not pay out winnings and is used for practice and insight gathering.

What options does Betting Insider provide?

Betting Insider provides a list of the best predictions by the ROI indicator and popular tips for current football matches. It also offers sections such as "My Subscriptions," "My Advice," and "My Statistics," helping users keep track of their activities and preferences.

How does Betting Insider evaluate bookmakers?

Betting Insider evaluates bookmakers based on various key factors including bonuses, convenience of site and application usage, and support service work. Users can leave scores and comments on the bookmaker, and reviews of different bookmakers are available.

Can Betting Insider help with betting strategies?

Yes, Betting Insider can assist in developing betting strategies by offering sports forecasts and recommendations. However, users are advised to conduct additional pre-match analysis of each meeting and not to bet on all forecasts in a row to avoid financial losses.


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