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BetSpan Betting Service Review 2024

BetSpan is a service for finding arbitrage and corridors in bookmaker offices. A list of arbitrage situations yielding up to 1% can be obtained for free. To access more profitable arbitrage, you need to purchase a subscription.

Sports types

The service scans odds for 40 types of sports.

The largest number of arbitrage situations users will see in the lines for football, tennis, basketball, and hockey. Fans of exotic disciplines will find forks in rowing, Finnish baseball, floorball, squash.

Bookmaking Firms

The BetSpan fork scanner monitors the quotes of 80 bookmaking companies. In the list, players from Nigeria will find the legitimate bookmaker 'Betcitiy, well-known international brands - 1win, 1xBet, Unibet.

The BetSpan rating includes welcome bonuses and an evaluation of each company. You can follow the link to the bookmaker's website and register an account.

The bookmaker's section for professionals includes 7 companies:

  • Pinnacle;
  • Sbobet;
  • Matchbook;
  • Betfair;
  • Betdaq;
  • BookMaker;
  • BetDSI.
The bookmakers are recommended by the BetSpan scanner for placing bets on corridors and forks. The companies do not limit the maximum bets, do not block the accounts of successful users, and offer a low margin and high odds.

Mobile version and application

Information from BetSpan can be accessed through the mobile version of the site. Apps for iOS and Android systems have not been developed.

Additional Features

After registration and subscription acquisition, users set up event search parameters and select the odds format.

The fork and corridor filter includes parameters such as:

  • profit percentage;
  • line – live or pre-match;
  • event start time;
  • duration of fork or corridor 'life';
  • betting companies;
  • types of sports.
BetSpan provides quick event search using tournament or team names.

How it is useful for betting

BetSpan service is designed for experienced and novice players.

Newcomers are provided with training materials. Seasoned players specify criteria for choosing a betting company for playing in arbitrage situations. Customers learn about the features of forks, corridors, and odds formation in betting lines.

The educational articles contain betting terms.

Conclusions: Editorial Opinion

BetSpan is a high-quality scanner. The service tracks lines on 40 types of sports at 80 bookmakers; after purchasing a subscription, it offers arbitrage situations with a yield of up to 20%.

A detailed educational section is available for beginners.

The disadvantage of the scanner is the high cost of the subscription; only professionals can afford a paid account. For novice players, $7.99 for 1 day of use is a significant expense.

The trial 7-day period is not free - the player makes a deposit at the Pinnacle bookmaker of at least 50 euros.

Free forks with a return of up to 1% allow you to test the scanner, but the player cannot increase the deposit on low-yield bets.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Wide selection of bookmakers and sports High subscription cost
High profitability of surebets – up to 20% Activation of the trial period requires a deposit at Pinnacle of at least 50 euros.
Free access to arbitrage situations with a profit up to 1% Possible account block on the sportsbooks for using arbitrage situations
No provider blocks  


What is BetSpan?

BetSpan is a service that aids in discovering arbitrage opportunities and corridors across different bookmaking offices. The platform identifies situations where there are discrepancies in odds, allowing users to profit from these variations potentially.

What can I get for free on BetSpan?

Users can access a list of arbitrage situations that offer returns of up to 1% for free.

How many sports does BetSpan cover?

BetSpan scans odds for 40 different types of sports, with the most arbitrage situations found in football, tennis, basketball, and hockey.

How many bookmaking firms are supported by BetSpan?

The BetSpan scanner keeps track of the odds from 80 bookmaking companies. This includes both international brands like 1win, 1xBet, and Unibet, as well as regional ones like Betcitiy for Nigerian players.

What are the recommended bookmakers for professionals by BetSpan?

BetSpan recommends the following bookmakers for professionals as they do not restrict bet sizes or block successful users: Pinnacle, Sbobet, Matchbook, Betfair, Betdaq, BookMaker, and BetDSI.

Can I access BetSpan on mobile?

Yes, BetSpan is accessible via the mobile version of the site. However, there aren't any dedicated apps for iOS or Android.

What features does BetSpan offer to its subscribers?

Once registered and subscribed, users can set event search parameters, select odds format, and filter forks and corridors by profit percentage, line type (live or pre-match), event start time, fork or corridor lifespan, betting companies, and types of sports.


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