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Arbworld Betting Service Review 2024

The Arbworld service is designed to search for dropping odds and cash flows in bookmakers. The software scans changes in bookmaker quotations on the Betfair exchange. Based on the detected trends, the scanner suggests users to place bets with high passability.

Arbworld: what it is

Clients of betting companies use the Arbworld service for free for cash flows and falling quotes. The Arbworld scanner tracks changes in the lines for the winner of the meeting and for markets from additional signatures.

The site operates in English and Russian.

How Arbworld is useful for betting

Identifying dropping odds or money flows on Arbworld allows the bookmaker's client to place bets on favorable quotes with high performance.

Relying solely on scanner data will lead to money loss in the long run.

The website with money flows can be used as an online assistant. Additionally, each meeting needs to be analyzed before placing a bet, studying the statistics and experts' opinions.

Betting can be done confidently when the indicators of the Arbworld scanner and all or most of the additional factors indicate the choice of the outcome.

Service Functionality

The Arbworld service includes 2 main sections. The dropping odds tab highlights situations where there is a sharp drop in one of the outcomes in the bookmaker's line. Sportsbook users call such a drop without visible reasons a loading.

A sharp decrease in odds can occur due to objective circumstances after the news of the team's head coach resigning or a key player's injury. Users react to the news and begin to bet actively on the opponent.

When there are no objective reasons for a sharp change in odds, it means that a large amount has been bet on the outcome. Reasons:

  • a professional and wealthy expert or a group of experienced players is betting;
  • inside information about the outcome of the meeting has arrived;
  • a fixed match.

The user can track changes and join the bet on the chosen outcome.

The Arbworld scanner tracks dropping odds for 3 sports - football, tennis and basketball.

Tennis only has odds on the match winner, basketball - on the main outcome and totals.

The service scans 4 markets in football:

  • main outcome;
  • totals;
  • half/match;
  • exact score.

Sharp changes in values are color-coded. A drop in odds of 7% or more is highlighted in red.

On the site's money flow section, the service indicates in percentages how much money is bet on each outcome. The principle - the flow of large sums into one of the markets often indicates the fixed nature of the match or experts receiving information about the outcome of the meeting.

A color map of money flows is presented in the section. The outcome with the most money on it is marked in blue. Markets where users have put in more than 90% of the total amount bet are highlighted in red.

Arbworld collects loading statistics from the Betfair betting exchange. The service shows the total bet amount and the amount of money on each outcome. The values are given in euros.

In tables, you can choose the time zone and sort events by match time - today, tomorrow or view all games. You can set minimum and maximum percentage values, other events will not be displayed.

Arbworld has an online chat for registered visitors. To send messages, you need to choose a username and make up a password.

The service has a section with useful functionality:

  • arbitrage bet calculator;
  • odds converter - odds can be converted to fraction, decimal and American forms;
  • tutorial materials on forks, types of betting and odds.

Arbworld and Moneyway are services with similar functionality. Additionally, users have access to predictions for sports events from artificial intelligence. AI analyzes statistical data and offers predictions on the main outcome, handicaps, totals, half/match. Artificial intelligence studies the statistics of football championships in England, France, Portugal, Scotland and Turkey, assesses the strength of each team's attack and defense, shows the average number of goals scored and conceded, corners, shots on target, warnings and send-offs.

Strategy for Finding Dropping Odds

Arbworld and Osssskaner are betting scanning services for finding odds drops. Bookmaker customers use these scanners when placing bets on odds drops.

Bookmakers release quotes at least a few days before a match begins, or 2–3 weeks in advance for popular events.

Players use the data from the Arbworld service for a strategy of betting on falling odds or against the trend.

Betting according to trend involves following the majority of bettors in anticipation that their choice was made based on reliable insider information, info about a match potentially being fixed, or a meticulous analysis.

We should bet against falling odds when users place large sums on the victory of the favourite. A large inflow of money for success of a strong team does not guarantee a win. Many bookmaker clients, when making a choice of outcome, rely on the brand's renown and believe that teams like 'Real', 'Barcelona', or 'Bayern' always win. In reality, favourites regularly lose points, especially over the long run in domestic championships.

A drop in the odds for the favourite results in increasing odds for the opponent. If, as a result of analysis, a bookmaker's customer understands that the competitor has chances to win or not lose, it is worth betting against falling odds.

Conclusions: editorial opinion

The Arbworld scanner provides users with objective information. Monitoring changes in odds helps to find 'shipment' and underrated outcomes. With the smart use of this information in the long term, the tactic will be profitable. Additionally, before placing a bet, the player should independently analyze and identify the objective reasons for the sharp decrease or increase in the odds.


What are the advantages of the Arbworld service?

The Arbworld scanner scans changes in Betfair betting exchange odds for free. The service has a lot of information on the rise and fall of quotes. Users can estimate how much was placed on each outcome in percentages and real money.

What are the drawbacks of the Arbworld service?

The Arbworld scanner does not guarantee a profit if the user bets on the proposed outcomes. In addition, the player needs to conduct a complex pre-match analysis, study statistics, and expert opinions.

Can you make money from falling odds from Arbworld?

Yes, analyzing quotes on the Arbworld service can bring profit to the user, if the player will also conduct an independent analysis of matches, look for reasons for the change in odds.


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