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ArbMate: Betting Service Review 2024

ArbMate is an arbitrage scanner that has been operating since 2019. The service supports over 50 bookmakers worldwide.

The 'ArbMate' scanner offers bettors arbitrage situations, corridors, and reverse corridors.

On a complimentary basis, users can access forks with a yield of up to 0.5%. To access profitable arbitrage situations, players subscribe, the cost of which depends on the period and the number of selected bookmakers.


About the Service

ArbMate scanner supports 14 languages, including English, Spanish, German and Chinese versions.

On the service site, betting players will find arbitrage situations in 50+ bookmakers:

  • Bwin, Bet365, Betcity, GGBet;
  • Ladbrokes, MarathonBet, Olimp, 1xBet;
  • Parimatch, Pinnacle, Sbobet;
  • Unibet, William Hill, Vbet et al.

When choosing an arbitrage situation, users are automatically redirected to the chosen event page in the bookmaker's office, which allows them to place a bet before the odds change quickly.



The fork scanner is not the only service in 'ArbMate'. Bettors can access the services for finding corridors and reverse corridors in bookmaker's lines.

The feature of the scanner is convenient filters for searching forks according to the specified parameters.

Arbitrage Bets

The ArbMate service provides only football forks. Users will find arbitrage situations with 2 and 3 outcomes.

The yield of arbitrage bets when buying a tariff plan has no restrictions.

To find forks, bettors use filter systems according to several parameters:

  • bookmaker;
  • football league;
  • market - main markets or statistics;
  • period - first half, second half or all the time;
  • fork - minimum and maximum yield, number of outcomes and odds.

You can calculate the optimal bet amount automatically using the built-in calculator.

The 'Alarm' option allows you to receive audio alerts in ArbMate if forks appear with a specified coefficient.

Polish Middles

A Polish or reverse corridor is 2 bets on opposite outcomes of the exact match.

The 'ArbMate' service displays the most profitable situations with reverse corridors in bookmakers.

The built-in calculator allows you to calculate the optimal bet amount to get the maximum possible profit in case of a successful outcome.

In addition to Polish corridors, ArbMate scans classic corridors and offers a calculator for automatic calculation of the bet amount.

Betting Navigator

The Betting Navigator or Odds Navigator is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to go to the bookmaker's website by clicking on an arbitrage situation. The player can access a coupon on the bookmaker's website that includes the bet amount calculated by the ArbMate calculator.

Setting up

On the ArbMate site, the scanner does not require many additional settings. Users choose the filters of scanned forks and optionally set up audio notifications when arbitrage bets appear with the specified parameters.


The full functionality of the 'ArbMate' site in English or another language is available to the visitor after subscribing. Users can choose one of the tariff plans:

  • 1 week - 7 euros;
  • 1 month - 19 euros;
  • 3 months - 51 euros;
  • 6 months - 90 euros;
  • 1 year - 156 euros.

Each tariff plan includes access to forks in pre-match and live, classic and reverse corridors.

The subscription cost includes offers from only the three most popular or selected bookmakers, by default - in Bet365, Bwin and Pinnacle.

Access to forks in other bookmakers players purchase separately.

The cost depends on the selected bookmaker for example, you can add 1xBet for 6 euros, MarathonBet - for 4 euros, Olimp - for 3 euros.


ArbMate is a sure bet scanner with simple navigation, convenient filters, and no complex settings.

Advantages of the ArbMate service:

  • quick placement of bets on arbitration situations - automatic transition to the coupon;
  • timely line update;
  • displaying sure bets in 50+ bookmakers;
  • built-in calculator for automatic calculations;
  • access to classic and Polish middles;
  • simple and convenient navigation;


  • necessity for additional purchase of access to other bookmakers besides the selected companies;
  • availability of only football sure bets;
  • lack of support for Nigerian bookmakers.

The ArbMate service will suit novice Arbers and amateurs who do not need a large number of additional settings and options.


What is the ArbMate service?

ArbMate is an arbitrage scanner introduced in 2019. It identifies betting opportunities by analyzing over 50 global bookmakers, presenting users with arbitrage situations, corridors, and reverse corridors.

What languages does ArbMate support?

ArbMate is multilingual and supports 14 languages, including major ones like English, Spanish, German, and Chinese.

How does the free version of ArbMate differ from the paid subscription?

For complimentary users, ArbMate provides access to forks with a yield of up to 0.5%. To access more profitable arbitrage situations, a subscription is necessary. The subscription cost depends on its duration and the number of chosen bookmakers.

What is unique about ArbMate's features?

Beyond just a fork scanner, ArbMate offers services to find corridors and reverse corridors in bookmaker lines. It also features convenient filters for searching forks based on user-specified parameters. Additionally, the 'Alarm' option lets users receive audio alerts for specific fork appearances, and the platform also supports a browser extension called "Betting Navigator."

Are there any betting restrictions with ArbMate?

ArbMate primarily focuses on football forks, offering arbitrage situations with 2 and 3 outcomes. Once subscribed, there's no restriction on the yield of arbitrage bets.


How much does a subscription to ArbMate cost?

Subscription plans vary:

  • 1 week: 7 euros
  • 1 month: 19 euros
  • 3 months: 51 euros
  • 6 months: 90 euros
  • 1 year: 156 euros

Each plan provides access to pre-match, live events, and classic and reverse middles. The base subscription includes offers from three default bookmakers (Bet365, Bwin, and Pinnacle). Access to additional bookmakers comes at an extra cost.

What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of using ArbMate?


  • Swift betting placement due to automatic redirection.
  • Timely line updates.
  • Access to 50+ bookmakers.
  • In-built calculator for automatic calculations.
  • User-friendly navigation.


  • Additional costs to access more bookmakers.
  • Limited to football sure bets.


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