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24score Betting Service Review 2024

The 24score site is a sports statistics service, useful for bettors for predicting match results.

Users will find statistics of fights and competitions in 6 sports: football, hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and handball.

The developers have provided a unique 'Team Series' section, where you can learn about long series of wins, losses, draws, 'both will score', totals of football, hockey, and basketball clubs.

The full functionality of the 24 score resource is available to users without registering an account.

The main advantage is the large amount of useful statistical information for free.

What is 24score

The resource '24 score' is a sports statistics service.

Its main difference from other sites is detailed information, specialization only in 6 sports, and the presence of the 'Team Series' section, which can be used to bet for or against trends.

On the main page of 24score, previews of popular matches with odds on the main outcomes and hot series of matches with quotes for and against the trend are published. For example, 'Oser' lost the last 6 games, the odds for the club's defeat in the next match are 1.30, and non-loss is 3.48.

The 24score pro site is available in English.

To contact the creators of the resource, visitors use a ready-made form, the answer comes to the email.



The 24score website does not provide for registration - bettors use the service without creating an account.

How to use

The resource offers statistics for top, secondary, and international competitions in 6 types of sports.

Possible uses:

  1. View results and statistics by championship. After selecting a sport and category, the user has access to the championship standings, information about matches, goals, totals, referees, corners, rounds, and other parameters.
  2. View results and statistics for a match. After selecting a sport and date, the player will see a list of matches and detailed information about each of the games - odds, table, head-to-head results, streaks, corners, and other data.

The service provides data on completed and current matches.

Sports Statistics

The '24score' resource collects statistics on 6 sports; the most popular disciplines are football and hockey.


In the tournament tables of football championships, players will see:

  • the club's place in the tournament table;
  • number of games played and points scored;
  • number of goals scored and conceded;
  • number of victories, losses and draws;
  • results of recent confrontations.

On, you can open statistics on different parameters, for example, goals scored, corner kicks served, totals scored, referees, yellow cards and offsides.

Players will see the results of recent meetings and head-to-head confrontations of teams, average efficiency in terms of goals, corners and yellow cards, information about the referee, bookmaker odds.


The tournament tables of hockey championships present basic information about the competitions. Tables on other indicators include parameters:

  • totals;
  • statistics by periods;
  • first period, second period, third period;
  • individual totals of clubs.

In the game statistics, the service provides the results of recent meetings and head-to-head confrontations of opponents, average efficiency in games and periods, bookmaker quotes.


In 24score, basketball and tennis statistics are available for top, national and international competitions.

For example, in the tables of basketball championships, you can find data on competitions, totals, halves and quarters.

There is no current information on volleyball and handball championships on '24score'.

Mobile Version and App

The mobile version of 24 automatically opens in phone and tablet browsers. The adapted version supports most features of the desktop site:

  • results and statistics of matches and championships;
  • viewing team streaks;
  • contact with creators;
  • links to the official websites of sports clubs and organizations.

The visual difference between the mobile version and the desktop one is the simplified design that is adapted for small device screens.

The mobile application from "24 score" for iOS and Android is not available.

Additional Opportunities

On 24 score, match and tournament statistics are supplemented by the 'Team Series' section, which helps bettors place bets on current trends or against trends in football, hockey and basketball.

Football trend examples:

  • 1x2 - wins, losses, and draws;
  • double chance - without losses, without wins, without draws;
  • goals - both will score, both won't score, won't concede;
  • totals - over or under.

New at 24score - the 'Odds Drop' section collects football matches with a substantial drop in odds.

What is the service useful for

The '24 score' service provides access to detailed sports statistics, which increases the chances of making a correct betting prediction at a bookmaker's platform.

Visitors analyse league tables, team results and effectiveness, and track data by time periods, match situations and referees.

Additionally, the developers have provided a 'Knowledge Base' section with information on football, hockey and basketball betting.

Editorial Opinion

The 24 score pro site is a useful assistant for novice, hobbyist and professional bettors, providing necessary and additional information for placing winning bets at bookmakers.

Accessing all the data without subscribing or creating an account is possible.

To place winning bets at bookmakers, you can use the 24 score database in combination with expert forecasts on

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Detailed statistical analysis of matches and competitions Lack of up-to-date data on volleyball and handball
Section with current trends of sports teams
Free access without registration
Availability of information for past seasons


What is 24score?

24score is a sports statistics service specializing in 6 sports: football, hockey, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and handball. It provides detailed statistical information and features a unique 'Team Series' section.

Do I need to register an account to access 24score's features?

No, the full functionality of the 24 score resource is accessible without the need to register an account.

What sets 24score apart from other sports statistics websites?

The unique features of 24score include its specialization in only 6 sports, comprehensive data, and the presence of the 'Team Series' section. This section offers insights into a long series of wins, losses, and other trends for football, hockey, and basketball clubs.

How do I contact the developers or support team of 24score?

You can contact the creators using a ready-made form available on the website, and the response will be sent to your email.

What type of information is available in the 'Team Series' section?

This section details a long series of outcomes like wins, losses, draws, 'both will score', and totals for football, hockey, and basketball clubs.

Is there a mobile application available for 24score?

No, as of now, there isn't a mobile application for 24score on either iOS or Android. However, the website has a mobile-adapted version that works efficiently on phone and tablet browsers.

What is the 'Odds Drop' feature on 24score?

The 'Odds Drop' section gathers football matches that have significantly dropped odds, which can be crucial for bettors to consider.


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