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The Parimatch Mobile App: Convenient Betting on the Go is another player in the online betting industry offering a comprehensive betting experience. Its innovative features, ease of use, and wide-ranging market selection make it an appealing choice for seasoned and novice bettors. One standout feature of Parimatch is its dedicated mobile application available for Android and iOS devices.

The Parimatch mobile app brings all the features of the platform's web version right to the user's fingertips. With this app, you're no longer tied to a desktop or laptop; you can place bets, review odds, deposit and withdraw funds, and access all Parimatch services from your smartphone, regardless of where you are.

The app has user-friendly navigation, ensuring that even new users can easily find their way around. All the information is laid out intuitively, making the betting process straightforward and fast. This ease of use extends to downloading and installing the app. Simply visit the official website and download the APK file for Android devices or access the iOS version directly from the App Store.

Parimatch App for Android

With the Parimatch mobile app, you get all the features and events in the main client version right in your pocket. It supports hundreds and thousands of outcomes daily, allowing you to predict and earn money. All you need to start playing is to download the Parimatch app for Nigeria.

Before installing, it's essential to check whether your device meets the following system requirements:

  • Operating system: Android 5.0 or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB or more
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz or faster
  • Memory space: At least 100 Mb free

The Parimatch app has been tested and confirmed to work flawlessly on a wide range of Android smartphone models, including the Huawei P8 Lite, Lenovo Sisley S90, Meizu MX5, Huawei Nexus 6P, ASUS ZenFone 2, Samsung Galaxy S6, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, Huawei P30, Huawei Mate 20, Oppo Reno, Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 8, and Redmi Note 9 among others. If your device is similar or more powerful than these, you should encounter no problems.

Here's how to download and install the Parimatch APK for Android in 4 easy steps:

  1. Prepare your device: First, you'll need to allow your device to install apps from unknown sources. To do this, open the settings on your phone, locate the 'Security and Privacy' section, and enable the option to install apps downloaded from unknown sources.
  2. Download the APK file: Visit the official website and download the Parimatch APK file.
  3. Install the app: Once the download is complete, open the Parimatch APK file and confirm the installation. This process might take a few minutes.
  4. Launch the app: After the installation, you can launch the application via a shortcut on your desktop.

By following these steps, you'll have the Parimatch app installed on your device and be ready to start your betting journey. Remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the process.

Parimatch App for iOS

Parimatch iOS App System Requirements

The Parimatch mobile app is not only available for Android users but also caters to the needs of iOS users. The iOS version has been designed and optimised to run smoothly on various Apple devices. Before downloading, ensure your device meets the following system requirements:

  • Operating system: iOS 8 or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB or more
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz or faster
  • Memory space: At least 100 Mb free

The Parimatch Nigeria app is compatible with various models of Apple smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, and iPad Pro. Note that your iPhone model should be at least 4s or newer for the app to work correctly.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to download and use the Parimatch app on your iOS device:

  1. Go to the Official Website: Navigate to the official website from your mobile device's browser.
  2. Registration: Before using the app, you must register for an account. Click on the sign-up button and fill out the form with your details. Make sure to provide accurate information to avoid any future verification issues.
  3. Download the App or Use the Web Version: You have two options - you can either download the Parimatch mobile app for iOS, or you can use the web version directly from your browser. The web version is fully optimised for mobile screens, meaning you don't need to download anything if you prefer not to. If you opt for the app, you'll find the link to download it on the Parimatch website.

How to Install the Parimatch App?

Parimatch has gone to great lengths to ensure that its app can be easily and quickly set up by users, regardless of their device model. Here's a recap of the installation procedure:

  1. Follow the Download Link: Visit the website and navigate to the page where the app download link is located. Click on the link to start the download process.
  2. Download the Parimatch APK file: If you're an Android user, download the Parimatch APK file. For iOS users, you'll find a separate link that leads you to the App Store, where you can download the iOS version of the app.
  3. Allow Installation from Unknown Sources: This step applies to Android users. In your phone settings, ensure that you've allowed the installation of applications from unknown sources. This is necessary to install the APK file you've just downloaded.
  4. Complete the Installation: Once the file has been downloaded, run it and confirm the installation. Wait until the installation is complete.
  5. Launch the App: After the installation, you'll see a shortcut to launch the app on your device's desktop or in your list of applications. Click on it to open the app.

How to Register in Parimatch App?

You can register with the Parimatch app both on the mobile version of the official website and through the application. In the second case, you will first need to download and install the APK file.

  1. Open the App: Tap on the Parimatch app icon to open it.
  2. Navigate to the Registration Page: You should see an option to register or sign up on the app's home page. Click on it to proceed to the registration page.
  3. Fill Out the Registration Form: The form will require your personal information, such as your full name, email address, and date of birth, among other things. Fill in all the fields accurately.
  4. Create a Username and Password: You'll also be required to create a unique username and password, which you'll use to log into your account.
  5. Confirm Registration: After filling out the form, submit it to complete your registration. You may be required to verify your email address or phone number to complete the registration process.

Once registered, you can log into your Parimatch account using your new username and password and place bets on your favourite sports events. Remember, betting should be fun, so always gamble responsibly.

How to Make a Deposit with the App?

The Parimatch mobile app offers a fully functional cash register for seamless transactions. This is available on Android and iOS versions, letting you conveniently make deposits and withdrawals from your mobile device.

  1. Open the Cashier Section: First, log into your Parimatch account through the app. Once you're logged in, navigate to the cashier or finance section. Here, you'll find the option to deposit funds.
  2. Select a Payment System: The app will display a list of payment methods the Parimatch platform supports. These could include credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, etc. Select the payment method that suits you best.
  3. Enter the Details: After selecting your preferred payment method, you'll be prompted to fill in some details. These typically include the amount you wish to deposit and the required payment information like card number or e-wallet ID. Fill out these details accurately.
  4. Confirm the Transaction: Once you've completed the required details, you must confirm the transaction. After the confirmation, the deposit will be processed.

As long as sufficient funds are in your chosen payment method, your deposit should be instantly credited to your Parimatch account. This quick and easy process lets you keep your account funded and your bets flowing without interruptions.

How to Update the App?

Keeping your Parimatch mobile app updated is crucial to ensure you can access all the latest features and functions of the betting platform. Updating your app also ensures you have the latest security measures protecting your data and transactions.

The Parimatch app automatically checks for updates each time you launch it. If an update is available, you'll be prompted to confirm the download of the updated files. Simply accept, and the app will update itself.

However, if you wish to update your Parimatch app manually, you can follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the Old Version: Go to the settings of your mobile device, navigate to your list of installed applications, find the Parimatch app, and select the option to uninstall it.
  2. Download the Updated App: Visit the official website from your mobile device's browser. Navigate to the page where the app download link is located and start downloading. Make sure you're downloading the latest version of the app.
  3. Install the Updated App: Once the download is complete, install the app. Remember to allow installation from unknown sources in your phone settings for Android users.

Remember, updating your app is not only about having the latest features and improvements. It also helps maintain the security of your betting experience, ensuring you enjoy seamless, worry-free betting on the go.

Login to the Parimatch App

Logging into your Parimatch account via the app is a straightforward process. Ensuring you're logged in is crucial as it allows you to make deposits and place bets on your favourite sporting events. Here are the steps to log into your account:

  1. Launch the App: Tap on the Parimatch app icon on your device's desktop or in the list of installed applications to open the app.
  2. Access the Authorization Form: Once the app is open, navigate to the profile button in the screen's bottom right corner. Tap on this button and select the "Login" option to proceed.
  3. Enter Your Login Information: At this point, you'll be required to enter your login details. This usually includes your username and password that you created when registering your Parimatch account. Carefully enter these details in the provided fields.
  4. Log In: After inputting your login details, tap the login button to access your account.

Sports Betting in the Parimatch App

The Parimatch app offers a broad and diverse range of betting options, catering to the varying interests of sports enthusiasts. The app actively updates its sportsbook, ensuring users can access betting lines for all popular sports and even niche ones, including traditional Nigerian disciplines. After logging into the app, users can place bets on a plethora of sports, such as:

  1. Soccer: As the world's most popular sport, soccer offers many betting options. You can wager on the outcomes of matches in various leagues and tournaments worldwide, from the English Premier League to the UEFA Champions League, the African Cup of Nations, and more.
  2. Basketball: Basketball fans can place bets on leagues such as the NBA, EuroLeague, or national leagues. You can predict match outcomes, player stats, or even total scores.
  3. Tennis: Whether it's the ATP, WTA, or grand slam events like Wimbledon and the US Open, tennis offers various exciting betting options.
  4. Volleyball: Volleyball betting can cover both domestic leagues and international competitions, including the Volleyball World Championship and the Olympic Games.
  5. Hockey: Hockey enthusiasts can bet on games in the NHL, KHL, or international tournaments like the Ice Hockey World Championship.
  6. Cricket: Cricket is incredibly popular in certain regions, with various international and domestic matches and tournaments available for betting.
  7. Boxing: Betting on boxing matches includes predicting the outright winner, the method of victory, or even the round where the match might end.
  8. Biathlon: Although not as mainstream as the other sports, biathlon offers a thrilling mix of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, with several betting options available for fans.

Betting on e-sports

Parimatch understands the ever-evolving nature of sports betting and the rising prominence of esports. This is why they have emphasised their esports betting section, which provides many betting opportunities for fans of competitive gaming. From popular games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, and League of Legends to other fan favourites like Starcraft, Overwatch, and Valorant, there is an extensive range of games to choose from.

  1. Dota 2: Dota 2, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, is one of the top titles in the esports scene. It's a highly strategic game with a significant worldwide player base.
  2. CS:GO: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a first-person shooter game renowned for its competitive matchmaking, with various global leagues and tournaments.
  3. League of Legends: Another top-tier MOBA game, League of Legends (LoL), is known for its high-skill gameplay and features some of the most prestigious esports tournaments, including the LoL World Championship.
  4. Starcraft & Starcraft 2: These classic real-time strategy games have a rich history in esports, especially in South Korea, where they've been a popular professional sport for years.
  5. Overwatch: Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter game, well-known for its diverse cast of characters and fast-paced gameplay.
  6. Valorant: Valorant is a relatively new entrant in the first-person shooter category by Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends. It's quickly gaining traction in the esports scene.
  7. Warcraft 3: A renowned real-time strategy game, Warcraft 3 has a long-standing place in esports, notably due to its contribution to the rise of Dota.
  8. Rainbow 6: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter game that involves much strategic planning and execution, making it an exciting game for esports enthusiasts.

The esports section in the Parimatch app allows users to bet on events in both pre-match and live formats. This means users can place bets on matches before they start or bet in real-time as the matches are taking place, adding an extra layer of excitement.

With over a hundred matches available for betting daily, esports enthusiasts are in for an immersive betting experience.


Is there a mobile app available for download?


Can I access on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can access on your smartphone or tablet by visiting their website through your device's browser. The mobile site is designed to provide a user-friendly interface for mobile betting.

What features are available on the mobile site?

The mobile site offers various features, including access to sports betting markets, live betting, virtual sports, casino games, account management, and customer support.

Can I place bets and play casino games on the mobile site?

You can place bets on sports events and enjoy various casino games on the mobile site. It provides a similar betting experience to the desktop version, allowing you to bet on your favourite sports and play casino games on the go.

Is the mobile site secure?

Yes, the mobile site is designed to be secure, utilising encryption technology to protect your personal and financial information. They also follow standard security measures to ensure a safe betting environment.

Are any bonuses or promotions available on the mobile site? offers various bonuses and promotions to its users, generally available on both desktop and mobile platforms. You can check their promotions page or contact customer support for details on the latest offers.

Can I access customer support on the mobile site?

You can access customer support on the mobile site. They typically offer live chat, email, or phone support, allowing you to reach out for assistance with any issues or queries.


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