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Parimatch Early Cash Out Terms and Conditions

The Cash Out option offers an opportunity to settle bets before the conclusion of an event. However, this feature is only available if the markets associated with the bet remain open. The amount can fluctuate based on the game's progression and the chosen event's changing odds. It could be more or less than your initial bet.

Only unsettled bets are eligible for that, and it's accessible for both pre-match and live in-play bets. Three types of notifications are provided concerning changes in offered odds: notification for odds changes, notification for increased odds, and no notification.

Remember there's a delay before the Cash Out option is approved. This delay varies, depending on the game and the market. It's not permissible to place a bet and then instantly apply for it. If odds change or a market/game gets suspended, redemption might not be available.

When a Cash Out request is successful, the bet gets settled promptly, and the offered amount gets credited to your betting account unless it's a case of partial redemption. The option is available separately for each bet (e.g., single, multiple, or combination).

However, the Cash Out option is only available for the total parlay bet combination, not for its games. The amount offered at any given time is the total amount that will be returned to your account if your request is successful.

Note that some offers might not be accessible when Cash Out has been used. This feature can't be applied to bets placed using free bonuses like Free Bet or Bonus. Bets settled using Cash Out won't count towards the bet condition of any offer.

The availability of the option is only guaranteed at some times. The company is not liable if Cash Out isn't available due to technical reasons. The bets will remain valid as initially placed during such periods.

In case of a bet/market settlement mistake, the company reserves the right to reverse the settlement. If a game gets interrupted, and a redemption request was submitted before the interruption, the Cash Out will remain valid, and no further bet settlement will occur. If that occurs after the game interruption, the company reserves the right to withhold or cancel the requested amount.

The general terms and conditions of the company apply to this offer. The company also reserves the right to amend, accept or reject the Cash Out request in any event, sport, or market. Any bets placed in such instances will remain valid as initially placed.

If a game suspension occurs and a redemption request is submitted before the suspension, the Cash Out will remain valid, and no further bet settlement will be carried out. If the Cash Out occurs after the game suspension, the company reserves the right to withhold or cancel the Cash Out.

Instructions To Use Cash Out On Platform

What is Cash Out, its availability, and the process of redemption?

Cash Out is a betting feature that lets you settle your wager before an event concludes. It allows for the potential redemption of winnings during play. Opting for Cash Out on the offered amount at a given moment results in a settlement based on that sum. The event's outcome does not impact the amount returned to your account.

Your selection's performance influences the offered sum and may be more or less than your initial bet. Cash Out is accessible for sports on select events, matches, and markets, both pre-match and in-play/live, and for single and multiple bets.

To redeem, click the ($) or "Cash Out" button in the details of an open bet or your bet history. If ($) is not displayed, Cash Out is not available. If Cash Out is available pre-event, but we don't cover the event in-play/live, Cash Out will no longer be available once the event starts.

You can also use Cash Out on mobile or tablet devices. Navigate to the "Open Bets" or "Bet History" sections in the "History" section of your account and select the "Cash Out" tab to view eligible bets. Click the "Cash Out" button under your selection and confirm your decision.

Full Cash Out

To fully utilise the Cash Out feature, click the accessible "Cash Out" label beneath your wager. The redemption amount will be credited back to your gaming account. Upon complete redemption, your bet is considered closed.

Partial Cash Out

Partial Cash Out allows you to redeem a specific portion of your bets, leaving the remaining part active in the game.

To execute a partial Cash Out, use the settings in the pop-up window for redemption to modify the initial amount to the sum you desire to cash out.

After selecting the desired amount, click the "Cash Out" option.

The remainder of your wager will then be settled based on the outcome associated with your bet.

Auto Cash Out

Auto Cash Out is a feature that lets you set a rule (essentially a predefined value) which triggers an automatic redemption of your bet, either in whole or in part when it attains or surpasses your chosen limit.

The Auto Cash Out feature operates in this manner: the user sets a Cash Out limit, and if the proposed amount for the chosen bet slip goes beyond this limit, the system automatically carries out a Cash Out. This sum is then added to your account.

The Auto Cash Out option is available across all markets where the company offers a Cash Out. After placing a bet, users can locate the "Cash Out" button in their account's "History" section. On selecting the Auto Cash Out option, it becomes automatically available.

Auto Cash Out is presented as a sub-function within the redemption function.


What is Early Cash Out on

Early Cash Out is a feature that allows you to settle your bet before the outcome of an event is determined. It allows you to secure a portion of your potential winnings or minimise losses based on the current status of your bet.

How does the Early Cash Out feature work on

When using the Early Cash Out feature, will offer you a cash amount to settle your bet before the event concludes. The offered amount depends on the current situation of the bet and the likelihood of your selected outcome.

When can I use the Early Cash Out feature?

The availability of Early Cash Out depends on the specific bet and market. Not all bets or events will have the Early Cash Out option. You can check your bet slip or the live betting section on to see if the Early Cash Out feature is available for your wager.

What are the benefits of using the Early Cash Out feature?

The Early Cash Out feature allows you to take control of your bets and potentially secure a profit or minimise losses before the outcome is known. It provides flexibility and reduces the risk of losing your entire stake.

Can I partially cash out my bet using the Early Cash Out feature?

Yes, offers the option to cash out your bet partially. This means you can settle a portion of your bet and leave the remaining amount active, giving you more flexibility and control over your bets.

Are there any fees or penalties for using Early Cash Out on does not charge specific fees for using the Early Cash Out feature. However, reviewing the terms and conditions or contacting customer support for any applicable charges or rules that may apply to your bets is essential.

How do I use the Early Cash Out feature on

To use the Early Cash Out feature, log in to your account, navigate to the "My Bets" or "Bet Slip" section, and check if the Early Cash Out option is available for your bet. If eligible, you will see the cash amount offered, and you can choose to accept or decline the offer based on your preference.


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