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Boost Your Betting Account: How to Deposit on Naijabet

In the dynamic arena of online sports betting, Nairabet stands tall as a trailblazer, setting unmatched trends in Nigeria and across Africa. This pioneering platform offers an array of betting opportunities and a comprehensive and immersive gaming experience.

Nairabet is a nexus of excitement, expertly fusing sports betting with enthralling virtual and casino games. Its groundbreaking features continually redefine the betting landscape, enabling users to make well-informed and strategic betting decisions for optimum benefits.

Beyond its user-centric and intuitive interface, Nairabet assures a secure and seamless environment, promising an unparalleled online betting journey. Embrace the exhilaration of sports and the delight of triumphant wins with Nairabet, where every click brings the possibility of victory closer to your grasp.

How to Fund Up Your Nairabet Betting Account

Leading right into the specifics, explore the comprehensive guide on elevating your NairaBet gaming by efficiently funding your account via various methods, including Paystack card deposit, GtPay deposit, Xpresspayment deposit, and more. Embark on a seamless journey where each transaction is a step towards maximising your gains and enhancing your betting experience.

How to Fund Your NairaBet Account via Paystack Card Deposit

Enter the world of hassle-free payments with Paystack, a solution allowing instant account funding. After accessing your unique NairaBet customer ID within your online account:

  1. Navigate to “Account” and select “Deposit/withdrawal.”
  2. Choose “Paystack card deposit” and input your desired amount.
  3. Enter pertinent card details, follow the prompt for the OTP sent to your phone, and finalise your transaction. Verify the new balance in your NairaBet account to ensure successful funding.
  4. How to Fund Your NairaBet Account via GtPay Deposit

Empower your betting journey with GtPay

  1. Within “Account,” opt for “GtPay deposit.”
  2. Specify the amount and follow through by providing your email and selecting the payment type.
  3. For card payments, input the necessary card information and affirm the transaction for swift funding.

How to Fund Your NairaBet Account via Xpresspayment Deposit

Xpresspayment ensures a swift and secure funding process:

  1. Access “Account” and choose the Xpresspayment option.
  2. After detailing the deposit amount, enter card specifics and finalise the transaction to fund your account immediately.

How to Fund Your NairaBet Account via Opay

  1. Unleash the power of Opay:
  2. Download and log into the Opay app.
  3. Navigate to “Betting” and select “NairaBet,” providing your 8-digit ID and desired deposit amount.
  4. Confirm the transaction for immediate account funding, enjoying up to a 10% discount on weekends.

Quickteller Deposit

Enter the Quickteller universe for a seamless funding experience:

  1. Register on Quickteller, search for NairaBet, and follow the redirect.
  2. Input your unique 8-digit NairaBet ID, select your preferred option, enter the amount, and complete the transaction with your card details.
  3. Paystack Inline Deposit

Harness the Paystack Inline for efficient transactions:

Within “Account,” specify the amount and select the Paystack Inline deposit option.

Choose your card issuer/provider, and complete your payment with your card or bank details.

Funding at NairaBet Agent Location

  1. For in-person transactions, locate a NairaBet agent
  2. Provide the agent with your customer identification number and deposit amount for immediate account funding.

Bank Deposit

  1. Utilise the traditional bank deposit method by visiting any approved bank:
  2. Complete a deposit slip with your NairaBet account name and 8-digit account ID for a seamless transaction.

ATM Funding

Maximise ATM convenience for NairaBet account funding:

  1. Select “Quickteller” at an ATM, followed by “Pay bills or fund wallet.”
  2. Opt for “Others” and input the appropriate merchant code and amount for smooth funding.

Online Funding

  1. Leverage your bank’s internet banking or mobile app:
  2. For instance, with the Polaris bank mobile app, navigate to “Betting,” select “NairaBet,” and finalise your transaction.

Delve into the diverse funding options and elevate your NairaBet experience by ensuring your account is always ready for the next big bet. Tailored for every type of user, these funding methods ensure your journey through NairaBet is as seamless and efficient as possible. Embark on this exciting journey with ample funds and embrace the thrilling world of betting and gaming with NairaBet.

Common Problems and Troubleshooting Deposing Nairabet Account

Depositing funds into a NairaBet account is generally a smooth process, but like with any online transaction, issues may sometimes arise. Below are some common problems encountered while depositing money into a NairaBet account and troubleshooting tips to resolve them:

Transaction Failed/Error Message

Problem: A transaction fails, and an error message is displayed.

Solution: Check your internet connection and ensure it’s stable. Retry the transaction. If the issue persists, contact NairaBet customer support or your bank for assistance.

Insufficient Funds

Problem: The transaction cannot be completed due to insufficient funds in the bank account.

Solution: Ensure your bank account has enough money to cover the deposit plus any applicable fees. If the problem persists despite having sufficient funds, contact your bank for clarification.

Delayed Crediting

Problem: Funds have been deducted from the bank account, but the NairaBet account needs to be credited.

Solution: Be patient, as sometimes network delays can cause this issue. If the account is not credited within a reasonable time frame, contact NairaBet customer support with transaction details.

Incorrect Customer ID

Problem: I entered the wrong customer ID during the transaction.

Solution: If the transaction has been completed, you need to contact NairaBet customer support immediately with all relevant transaction details.

Issues with Third-Party Payment Platforms

Problem: Difficulty processing the transaction through third-party platforms like Paystack or Quickteller.

Solution: Confirm that the details entered are correct. If the problem persists, consider switching to another payment method or contact the third-party platform’s customer support.

OTP Issues

Problem: Not receiving the One-Time Password (OTP) required to authenticate the transaction.

Solution: Ensure your phone number is correctly linked to your bank account. You may also contact your bank to resolve this issue.

Browser or App Issues

Problem: Encountering issues while depositing using a web browser or the NairaBet app.

Solution: Clear the browser cache and cookies or update/reinstall the NairaBet app. Ensure that the app or browser is compatible with the NairaBet platform.

Limit Exceeded

Problem: Attempting to deposit more than the allowed limit.

Solution: Adhere to the deposit limits set by NairaBet or your bank. If larger deposits are necessary, consider breaking them into smaller transactions or use an alternative deposit method.

Using Unsupported Cards or Banks

Problem: The card or bank used for the transaction is not supported by NairaBet.

Solution: Use a different card or choose another deposit method NairaBet supports.

Contacting NairaBet Customer Support

If the solutions above do not resolve the deposit issues, contact NairaBet customer support. To expedite the resolution process, provide them with all necessary details, including transaction IDs, timestamps, and error messages.

In conclusion, understanding these potential issues and their solutions will provide a more enjoyable and hassle-free betting experience with NairaBet.


What should I do if I receive a failed transaction or error message while depositing funds into my NairaBet account?

Ensure your internet connection is stable and try the transaction again. If the error persists, contact NairaBet customer support or your bank to resolve the issue.

What if I have insufficient funds in my bank account for a deposit?

Ensure your bank account balance is sufficient to cover the deposit amount and additional fees. If issues persist despite adequate funds, contact your bank for further assistance.

My bank account was debited, but my NairaBet account hasn’t been credited. What should I do?

Sometimes, network delays might cause this issue. Allow some time for the transaction to process. If your NairaBet account is not credited within a reasonable timeframe, contact NairaBet customer support with your transaction details.

I entered the wrong customer ID during the transaction, and the transaction was completed. How can I rectify this?

In this case, contact NairaBet customer support immediately. Provide them with all relevant transaction details to help them resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

I need help processing a transaction through Paystack or Quickteller. What should I do?

Confirm that all entered details are correct. If the problem continues, consider using another payment method or contact the customer support of the respective platform.

I'm not receiving the OTP for transaction authentication. How can I resolve this?

Ensure your registered mobile number with your bank is correct. If you are still waiting for the OTP, contact your bank for assistance.

I encounter issues while depositing using a web browser or the NairaBet app. What should I do?

Clear your browser cache and cookies or update/reinstall the NairaBet app. Ensure the app or web browser is compatible with the NairaBet platform for a seamless transaction process.


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