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Mastering Netball Betting: A Comprehensive Guide

Netball is a women's sport, a variant of basketball, conceived in the late 19th century. It's trendy in Commonwealth nations, with significant followings in Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, and Oceania states.

Nigerian bookmakers offer odds on netball, and often, value bets are available. With the proper analysis, betting on this sport can be profitable.

Key Features of Netball: A Brief Overview

James Naismith, a Canadian physical education instructor, invented basketball in 1891. Netball is played on a court measuring 15.25m by 30.5m, with two rings on either end. Unlike traditional basketball, netball uses a smaller ball and ring.

James Naismith, a Canadian physical education instructor, invented basketball in 1891. Netball is played on a court measuring 15.25m by 30.5m, with two rings on either end. Unlike traditional basketball, netball uses a smaller ball and ring.

Basic Rules of Netball: A Concise Overview

A netball match consists of four quarters, each lasting 15 minutes. The objective is to score the most points by accurately shooting the ball into the ring. The netball court is divided into three sections, which must be navigated before attempting a shot.

Players cannot move with the ball; they can only pass it to teammates. Opponents cannot defend a player holding the ball directly; intercepting is only permitted during an airborne pass. The maximum time a player can hold the ball is 3 seconds.

Features of Netball

Of the 7 players in a netball team, only the shooter and the attacker have the right to shoot at the ring. There's also a goalkeeper in netball who plays in the goal circle and the defensive third, aiming to block shots from opposing attacking players. Due to the sport's unique characteristics, the game involves more tactical decisions than traditional basketball.

In 1995, netball was recognised as an Olympic sport but has yet to be included in the Olympic Games program. The most prestigious international netball competition is the World Championship, held every four years. Australia and New Zealand are consistently the top contenders in every World Championship. England and Jamaica regularly secure the bronze medals in these tournaments.

Types of Bets in Netball: Understanding Your Wagering Options

The netball betting offer at bookmaker shops includes primary and additional market options.


Bookmakers offer bets on which team will win the match – either Team 1 (P1) or Team 2 (P2).


Punters bet on teams to win with a points advantage or deficit. Bookmakers offer positive handicaps for underdogs and negative ones for favourites. For instance, a bet on F(-14.5) will win if the favourite prevails by a margin of at least 15 points.


Bookmaker clients place bets on the total points scored by both teams in a match. Less frequently, bookmakers offer bets on the individual team's point totals.

Points Difference Betting

Bookmakers offer bets on a team winning by a specific points margin. For instance, Team 1 to win by 1-10 points or Team 2 to win by 11 or more points. For the bet to be successful, the selected team must win by the specified point difference.


In some bookmakers, for significant matches, there are offers for quarter results – outcomes, handicaps, and totals.

Combination Bets

In betting shops, you can place double outcome bets on netball matches – outcome and total, handicap and total.

Additional Betting Markets

Many bookmakers offer additional markets for popular netball matches, including:

  • Whether overtime will be played in the match;
  • The result of the first half and the overall match;
  • The highest-scoring quarter;
  • Even or odd total points.
  • Bookmakers offer long-term bets for the outcomes of famous national championships, such as those in Australia and New Zealand.

How to Place Bets on Netball

Netball is a predictable sport; fans don't undertake complex pre-match analysis and often watch live broadcasts of matches to grasp the flow of events on the court for successful live netball betting.

Popular Betting Markets

The most common markets in netball are the match winner, total points, and victory considering the handicap.

Features of Netball Betting

Due to the low frequency of upsets in women's netball, placing bets on the favourites is advantageous. Over the long haul, the stronger teams always prevail – one can bet on the favourites' victories at the end of tournaments. Handicap bets are suitable when teams of vastly different strengths compete. There are few skilled netball analysts in Nigerian bookmaking firms. This allows finding value odds if a punter possesses more information about a specific event.

Effective Betting Strategies

Netball is not a popular sport for betting among bookmakers. There are no specific betting strategies for the sport available online.

  • Players apply betting strategies suitable for netball:
  • The 'Flat' financial management system with stakes ranging from 1-5% of the bankroll;
  • The 'Ladder' game model involves placing bets with odds up to 1.30 using the total amount won from the previous wager;
  • The Martingale strategy bets on even-chance outcomes, doubling the stake after a loss

How to Properly Analyze Matches

A thorough pre-match analysis is the key to placing successful netball bets in bookmaking shops.

When analysing netball matches, fans consider:

  • The level of the competitors;
  • Recent results and team form;
  • Team line-ups, motivation, and athletes' psychology.

Particular attention should be given to the form of the shooters, attackers, and goalkeepers, as their performance largely determines the game's outcome.

There needs to be more statistical and analytical information on netball in Russian online. Australian and New Zealand sports resources and official netball competition websites can be analysed. For instance, the Australian Netball League's site is www.supernetball.com.au.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple pre-match analysis
  • Predictable outcomes with a low frequency of upsets
  • Opportunity to find value odds
  • Markup on odds ranging from 7–7.5%


  • Few betting events are available
  • Lack of diverse betting options
  • Need for detailed analytics for Nigerian teams.


Netball is an exciting sport. Occasionally, one can place bets on it for entertainment, given the limited number of major tournaments and a higher margin than more popular sports.

When placing a bet on this discipline, it's crucial to analyse Australian and New Zealand sources that provide more detailed information about the teams.


What is netball?

Netball is a team sport derived initially from basketball. Women predominantly play it, which is trendy in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

How is netball different from basketball?

Netball has no dribbling, and players cannot move with the ball. The court is divided into three sections, and only certain players can score. The game consists of four quarters of 15 minutes each.

Why consider betting on netball?

Netball can be predictable, with dominant teams consistently performing well. This can make making informed decisions easier for bettors knowledgeable about the sport.

What are the common markets for netball betting?

The most prevalent betting markets in netball include the match winner, total points scored, and winning margins, taking into account handicaps.

What are the challenges of netball betting?

There needs to be more diverse betting options and more detailed analytics available for Nigeria. Moreover, due to its lower popularity, fewer significant tournaments are available for betting.

Where can I find detailed information about netball teams and players?

For a thorough analysis, bettors can explore Australian and New Zealand sources, such as the official Australian netball league website www.supernetball.com.au.

Are there any unique betting strategies for netball?

While there aren't netball-specific strategies, bettors often apply general betting strategies like the Flat financial management system, the "Ladder" model, and the Martingale strategy.


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