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6 Easy Tips to Avoid Losing Money on Bets

Upon initial glance, betting may seem straightforward - select an event and place a wager. However, achieving a consistent profit from betting is far more challenging than it appears. Success typically arises from experience and accumulated knowledge, although some fortunate individuals achieve it immediately. Nevertheless, several straightforward tips can significantly simplify your journey from the start.

1. Manage Your Bankroll Wisely

To begin with, abandon all-or-nothing wagers. Even if you are convinced that a specific bet is sure, only allocate some of your funds to it. While financial management cannot guarantee success, it offers protection for your bankroll, particularly during the worst losing streaks. First and foremost, never utilise your last available funds for betting. Second, select a financial strategy that minimises risks.

Experienced bettors rarely wager more than 5-7% of their bankroll on a single event, and even then, it is solely on low odds where there is a high likelihood of winning. Generally, 2-5% of the overall amount is utilised.

2. Utilise your sports knowledge

The bettor's most potent weapon is information. Avoid spreading yourself too thin across various sports and tournaments where your knowledge is limited. Instead, strive to constantly enhance your understanding in weaker areas while leveraging your strengths. Concentrating on one or two sports and a few specialised tournaments is advisable to create a solid foundation for profitable betting selections.

3. Find a bookmaker who provides the most advantageous deals

Maintaining accounts with several reputable bookmakers can simplify your life. Select the bookmaker offering the most favourable odds for each particular event. Even a marginal increase in odds, such as 0.05 or 0.1, can mean the difference between breaking even and earning a substantial profit.

Find a bookmaker who provides the most advantageous deals

The bookmaker's margin or commission considerably affects the average value. A smaller margin translates to a higher average value. However, this largely depends on the bookmaker's evaluation of each case's probabilities.

4. Calculate probabilities

In reality, emotions have no place in betting, especially if the aim is to profit from the process. Thus, assessing the probabilities of all possible outcomes of a selected event is essential. Calculating probabilities is a meticulous process that involves analysing statistics and other information about the match. Understanding this skill comes with experience.

Mathematical expectation can be used to evaluate the obtained result against the bookmaker's odds. To do this, multiply the obtained probability (in units) by the coefficient. If the value is greater than one, it is a good option for a bet.

5. Track Your Progress

Every bet should be meticulously recorded in a database for future analysis. This allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in betting. Certain sports and tournaments may generate more profit, while certain types of bets should be avoided altogether. Each player has unique characteristics that can be discovered by analysing personal statistics.

6. Taking a Break After a Losing Streak is Essential for Successful Betting

Inexperienced bettors often need clarification on a series of lost bets. They tend to compensate for the losses by sticking to their previous strategy and increasing the size of their wagers or choosing risky and unreliable odds. This impulsive behaviour can lead to further losses and should be avoided.

After experiencing a series of losses, the best advice is to step back, take a break, and calm down. Approach each issue with a rational mindset. You may need to change your strategy or sport, but it should be done calmly and deliberately without rushing into decisions.


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