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What does Zero Handicap (0) in Hockey Mean?

Handicap (0) in hockey - a bet on the team's victory with the possibility of a refund in case of a draw.

The deal will win if the club wins in regular match time. In case of loss, the hockey fan will lose money.

Unlike bets on a clean win, the zero handicap in hockey has lower risks but also lower odds.

Ice battle lovers will find it useful to learn what handicap 0 in hockey means, its features, examples, advantages, and disadvantages of the bet, to place winning bets on hockey club victories.

When should I place a bet on the handicap 0 in hockey?

The zero handicap provides an opportunity to place a bet on a HC (Hockey Club) win with lesser risks - in the event of a draw, a coupon refund is provided.

When calculating a bet, the number of goals scored doesn't matter - the outcome of the match in regular time is important.

In the line of bookmakers, the zero handicap of the home team is marked as H1(0), and that of the second team - H2(0).

It's better to use the zero handicap when betting on an unclear favorite, whose victory you are not fully confident about. Handicap (0) allows you to place a bet with insurance, higher odds compared to double outcome and lower risks compared to a clean victory.

Betting strategies for zero handicap in hockey

Experienced players choose a zero handicap ("H0") for a match featuring a leading team playing at home against a team of approximately equal strength or away against an underdog. Factors analyzed by the sportsbook client before placing a bet:

- The tournament position of the opponents;
- The results of recent and head-to-head meetings;
- Statistics of the selected side's home or away games;
- The team's form and motivation.

When betting live, you can use a strategy of betting on the zero handicaps of a favourite, who is losing by one goal to an underdog at home after the end of the first or the beginning of the second period if the club is actively attacking and trying to change the course of the meeting.

Conditions for placing a bet – high motivation of a strong team, odds on the team's victory before the match – within the range of 1.50 to 2.00 naira.

Examples of betting work: win, loss, refund

Handicap 1(0) in hockey and handicap 2(0) in hockey imply 3 possible sportsbook outcome calculations.

An example of a bet makes it easy to understand how handicap (0) in hockey is calculated.

The player bet 500 naira on H(0) of the home team in the KHL match "Amur" - "Admiral" with a coefficient of 1.60.

Possible outcomes:

  • "Amur" won in regular time with any score - payout: 500 * 1.6 = 800 naira;
  • The hosts played a draw, the outcome of the match in overtime or on penalty shots does not matter - the sportsbook will return the bet amount to the player's account;
  • "Amur" lost in regular time - loss.

A zero handicap is the most balanced solution from a risk and odds perspective in a hockey match.

Comparison of quotes using the example of the 'Amur' - 'Admiral' game:

  • H1(0) - 1.60;
  • W1 - 2.17;
  • 1X - 1.35.


Zero handicap in hockey is the best solution when placing a bet on an implicit favorite when the fan is not sure of the HK victory.

Market quotes are 25-30% lower compared to a clean win.




When should you apply the zero handicap in hockey?
"Choosing to bet on a zero handicap is worth it in cases when there is not complete confidence in the victory of the leading team, for example, the club is playing at home against an equal opponent or is playing an away match against an outsider."
When to bet on the handicap (0) in hockey?
Betting on a null handicap can be done in pre-match and live. It is better to place bets live after the end of the first or the start of the second period when the favorite is losing to the underdog by 1 puck and is actively attacking.
With what score will the zero handicap come in hockey?
En: A bet on zero handicap will win if the team wins in regular time of the match. The final score does not matter, the fact of the chosen side's victory is important.


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