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What is the Asian Handicap in Football?

Asian handicap in football - a market in the sportsbook outline for bets on a team victory, taking into account artificial advantages or disadvantages. The difference between an Asian handicap and a classic one lies in the fractional quarter value and the specifics of the calculation.

What is Asian handicap in football?

Often, beginners avoid betting on quarter handicaps because they don't understand what an Asian handicap means in betting. The complex calculation principles negatively affect the popularity of the playing market. The market represents 2 equivalent bets on the nearest handicaps depending on the value of the handicap. A handicap with a value of 0.25, for example, H (1.25): H 1; H 1.5. The handicap with a fractional part of 0.75, for example, H (2.75): H 2.5; H 3. The amount of each bet equals half the funds allocated by the player for the deal. The odds for quarter handicaps are lower than the rates for European handicaps.

How is the Asian handicap calculated?

The sportsbook calculates each part individually depending on the outcome of the match, taking into account the provided advantage or lag. There are 2 types of Asian handicaps: negative and positive. Negative handicaps envisage a "-" sign before the value of the handicap. When calculating a negative Asian handicap, the final score of the chosen team subtracts the market value.

If after subtraction the chosen club wins, the sportsbook will calculate the bet in favor of the player. If considering the handicap the match ends in a draw, the sportsbook will make a refund, and the fan will receive a part of the betting amount on his game account. If the selected club loses, the betting company will calculate the deal in its favor. You can easily recognize a positive handicap by the "+" value before the handicap indicator.

Positive handicaps represent an advantage of several goals, which the sportsbook client grants to the chosen team. This value is added to the final total of the club. If the team wins, considering the handicap, the sportsbook will calculate the bet in favor of the client. A refund is provided if the score is equal, considering the handicap. In the case of the selected team losing, the bet loses.

The difference between regular and Asian handicap in football

Regular or European handicap - single bet, Asian handicap - 2 bets linked in a coupon.

The Asian handicap implies the possibility of calculating a coefficient below 1.00, so the payout amount may be less than the bet size.

Experienced players do not recommend concluding free bets on Asian handicaps, as in the case of calculation with a coefficient of 1.00 and below; the sportsbook cancels the free bet.

Examples of betting operations: win, loss, refund.

Let's look at the example of the Asian handicap in football betting.

The player bets 1000 naira on a negative handicap -1.75 in favour of the first team for the Nations League match "Spain - Italy" with a quota of 6.65.

Asian handicap of -1.75 in football means H (-1.5) for 500 naira and H (-2) for 500 naira.

Possible bet slips calculations:

  • if Spain loses, there is a draw or Spain wins by a margin of 1-2 goals – the bet is lost;
  • The match ends with the score 2:0, 3:1, 4:2 – Spain wins with a gap of 2 goals – H1 (-1.5) wins, H1 (-2) is calculated by the sportsbook as a refund, the payout amount: 500 * 6.65 + 500 * 1 = 3825 naira;
  • Spain wins the match and maintains a margin of more than 3 goals – the winnings are: 1000 * 6.65 = 6650 naira.

The fan placed 1000 naira on a positive handicap 1.25 in favour of the second team in the Euro 24 match "Kazakhstan – Slovenia" with a coefficient of 1.052.

In football, the bet on H2 (1.25) corresponds to H2 (+1) and H2 (+1.5).

Calculation of the bet:

  • Slovenia wins or there is a draw – the winnings are: 1000 * 1.052 = 1052 naira;
  • The match ends with the score 1:0, 2:1, 3:2 – Kazakhstan wins with a minimal lead – sportsbook calculates H2 (+1) as a refund, H2 (+1.5) in favour of the player, and the winnings are 500 * 1.052 + 500 * 1 = 1026 naira;
  • Kazakhstan wins with an advantage of 2 goals or more – the bet is lost.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Possibility to bet in any sportsbook Complex calculation principles
Possibility of settlement by return No opportunity to use the market for free bets
  Lowered odds compared to the classic European handicap
  Lack of game strategies



Asian handicaps in football are safer markets compared to the European handicap. Markets provide for a partial refund of the bet in case the handicap value matches the team's final result.

Clients of sportsbooks often prefer classic handicaps due to more understandable calculation principles and increased odds.

The disadvantage of Asian handicaps is the lack of gaming strategies.


When should you use the Asian handicap in football?

The Asian handicap is used for insurance purposes, the sportsbook will calculate part of the bet as a return in case the outcome of the event matches the value of the handicap.

When is the right time to bet on Asian Handicap in football?

Betting on the Asian Handicap can be done both before the match starts and during the football confrontation. Bookmakers set the highest quotes 5-10 minutes before the start of the game.

What's the difference between European and Asian handicaps in football?

"European handicap is a single bet, while Asian handicap consists of 2 related bets, which the sportsbook calculates individually."


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