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What is Handicap 1.25 in Football Betting?

Handicap 1.25 in football is an advantage or a lag of a team by 1.25 goals before the start of the event.

When placing a bet on the Asian handicap 1.25, the player bets evenly on 2 adjacent handicaps 1.00 and 1.50, the sportsbook calculates each part separately.

The main feature of the market is the possibility of a double calculation:

  • winning the first half of the bet and return of the second one;
  • losing the first part of the bet and returning the second one.

Sportsbooks give a positive Asian handicap to the outsiders, a negative - to the favorites.

Newbies search online for information on what the Asian handicap 1.25 in bets means, when to use the outcome and how the calculation takes place, in order to place winning bets in the sportsbook.

When should you place a bet on a handicap of 1.25 in football?

Players place bets on the Asian handicap of the favourite when they do not wish to bet on "H"(-1) due to lower odds and "H"(-1.5) due to higher risks.

Market selection means that the sportsbook client places half the amount on "H"(-1) and half the amount on "H"(-1.5).

Possible settlement options are:

  • win;
  • "H"(-1) refund and "H"(-1.5) loss;
  • loss.

Players bet on the Asian handicap of the underdog when they do not want to take "H"(+1) due to high risks and "H"(+1.5) due to lower odds.

When placing a bet on an event, the sportsbook client bets half the money on "H"(+1) and half the money on "H"(+1.5).

Possible settlement options are:

  • win;
  • "H"(+1.5) win and "H"(+1) refund;
  • loss.
When settling bets, bookmakers only consider the result of the match in regular time.

The Asian handicap of 1.25 in football is an intermediate decision between "H"(1) and "H"(1.5), which allows placing bets with less risks compared to the neighbouring handicap and with higher odds relative to another neighbouring handicap.

Betting strategies for a handicap of 1.25 in football.

Placing a handicap bet of 1.25 in football brings profit in the long run with a competent pre-match analysis.

Fans choose a negative handicap of the favourite when the team is in excellent form, often beats opponents with a gap of 2+ goals, and is motivated to win.

It is possible to bet on the positive handicap of the lagging club in football in home matches, where a motivated outsider rarely loses to strong opponents by 2+ goals, and the opponent has recently played an important match and hasn't had time to recover.

Betting operations examples: win, loss, refund

You can understand what handicap 1.25 means in football based on a betting calculation example.

The player bet 1000 Naira on H(-1.25) for the guests in the "Stuttgart" vs "Bayern" match with a coefficient of 1.85. Possible scenarios:

- The guests win with a minimum difference of 2 goals - win, payout 1000 * 1.85 = 1850 Naira.
- "Bayern" wins by 1 goal - the H(-1.5) loses and the H(-1) is refunded, payout is 500 * 1 = 500 Naira.
- A draw or defeat for the guests - loss.

If the client bet 1000 Naira on H(+1.25) for the hosts in the match with a quotation of 1.91, the sportsbook will calculate the coupon according to the results of the meeting:

- The hosts won or played a draw - win, payout 1000 * 1.91 = 1910 Naira. - "Stuttgart" lost by a difference of 1 goal
- the H(+1.5) wins and the H(+1) is refunded: 500 * 1.91 + 500 * 1 = 1455 Naira.
- The hosts lost by a gap of 2 goals or more - coupon loss

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Higher odds and lower risks compared to adjacent fora Complex calculation rules for new players
Possibility of double calculation – win and refund or loss and refund  
Availability in most sportsbooks  


The Asian handicap 1.25 in football is underrated by players - the bet can be profitable in the long run.

The advantage of the outcome is the possibility of insuring part of the bet and arranging a deal on more favourable terms in terms of coefficients and risks compared to neighbouring markets H(1) and (1.5).


When should you apply a handicap of 1.25 in football?

Players place bets on the handicap +1.25, when they do not want to bet on H(+1) due to high risks and on H(+1.5) due to lower quotes.

Choosing handicap -1.25 is worth it when betting on H(-1.5) is risky, on H(-1) – disadvantageous due to low odds.

At what point to bet on the handicap 1.25 in football?

You can bet on a positive Asian handicap for an outsider who rarely loses by 2 goals or more.

It's better to place bets on a negative Asian handicap when a strong team often beats rivals by at least 2 goals.

What will be the score if the handicap 1.25 is applied in football?

A bet on H(+1.25) will win if the underdog wins or draws with any score.

A bet on H(-1.25) will win in case of a triumph of the favorite with a gap of 2 goals or more, for example, with a score of 3:1.


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