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What is Handicap 1 in Football?

Handicap 1 in football is the advantage or lag of the team by 1 goal. A single handicap is one of the most popular bets on football handicaps in sportsbooks.

Bookmakers give H(+1) to the underdog and H(-1) to the favourite.

To win the handicap (+1), the lagging club should not lose; in case of a loss with a minimal difference, a return will occur.

The handicap (-1) will win if the leader wins by 2 goals or more, in the case of a minimum win by a strong team, the game organizer will refund the user the amount of the bet.

It is essential for novice players to know what handicap 1 in bets is when to bet on the outcome, and what strategies exist to arrange winning transactions for a single handicap.

When should you bet on handicap 1 in football?

Handicap minus 1 in football - a universal solution, allows you to make a bet with less risk relative to H(-1.5) and with greater odds relative to H(-0.5).

Players choose a negative single handicap when betting on the favourite's victory is unprofitable due to lower quotations, and winning by two goals or more is risky.

Handicap plus 1 in football - a balanced decision between H(+1.5) and H(+0.5) regarding quotations and risks.

Sportsbook customers choose a positive single handicap when betting on a handicap of +1.50 is unprofitable due to low odds, and a bet on a handicap of +0.50 - a non-losing outsider is associated with more significant risks.

Betting strategies for handicap 1 in football

Betting strategies on a single favourite and underdog handicap are effective with proper analysis.

Users choose H(-1) for the apparent leader who is playing a crucial match against an underdog and often beats weaker teams by a difference of 2 goals or more.

H(+1) can be used when choosing a club playing at home against an unobvious favourite, is highly motivated for triumph or a draw, and rarely loses.

An example of a game strategy - is handicap minus 1 on a losing favourite who lets in a goal early in the game. In accordance with the game model, the fan bets on the victory of the leading team, considering H(-1).

Betting examples: win, loss, return

Examples of bet calculations will allow a beginner to understand what handicap 1 in football means.

The player placed 1000 naira on "Dynamo" considering H(-1) in a home match against "Wings of the Soviets" with a quote of 1.91.

Possible scenarios in the sportsbook:

  • Victory of "Dynamo" with a difference of 2 goals or more - payout 1000 * 1.91 = 1910 naira;
  • The hosts' victory with a minimal gap in the goal - refund 1000 * 1 = 1000 naira;
  • A draw or defeat of "Dynamo" - loss of the coupon.

A sportsbook client placed 100 naira on "Wings of the Soviets" considering H(+1) in an away match against "Dynamo" with a coefficient of 1.91.

Possible outcomes:

  • Victory of "Wings of the Soviets" or draw - payout 100 * 1.91 = 191 naira;
  • The guests' loss with a minimal difference of 1 goal - refund 100 * 1 = 100 naira;
  • Defeat of "Wings of the Soviets" with a difference of 2 goals or more - loss of the coupon.
When calculating a single handicap, the result of the match and the difference in goals are essential; the number of goals scored does not matter.

Pros and Cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Lower risks and higher odds  Not available in all sportsbooks
Possibility of coupon return  
Simple analysis for profitable bets  


Handicap 1 in football betting is one of the most profitable markets that allows betting on a team's victory with higher odds and lower risks. A distinctive feature of the market is the opportunity to get the bet amount back to the balance if the club wins or loses with a difference equal to the value of the handicap.


When should handicap 1 be applied in football?

Handicap +1 is suitable for situations where betting on H(+0.5) is risky, betting on H(+1.5) is unprofitable due to low quotes.

Handicap -1 is suitable in matches where betting on a clear favourite's victory is unprofitable due to low odds, betting on a win considering H(-1.5) is risky.

At what point to bet on handicap 1 in football?

You can bet on the handicap +1 when you are confident that the losing club will win or draw in the match.

You should place a bet on the handicap -1 if the player is confident of the favourite's victory with a margin of at least two goals.

What will be the handicap 1 score in football?

When calculating a bet on a single handicap, the overall score of the match doesn't matter - only the outcome and the difference in the score are important.

For example, a bet on H(-1) will win if the favourite wins with a difference of 2 goals or more, and a bet on H(+1) will be profitable if the outsider wins or the result is a draw.


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