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What is Asian Handicap in sports betting?

In sportsbooks, the Asian handicap is a bet on the outcome of a match with insurance, taking into account the conditional advantage or lag of one of the opponents. This market is common in team sports and tennis. The number 1 in the record - H1 (+2) refers to the hosts or the first team in the line, when the opponents play on a neutral field. The number 2 - H2 (-1) will indicate the guests of the field or the second team in the lineup.

What is Asian handicap

Users of sportsbooks need to understand what the Asian handicap means in order to reduce the number of losses in the long run. When calculating the market, an outcome is provided where the sportsbook makes a refund of half of the amount placed, the second part either wins or loses. What is an Asian Handicap Sportsbooks call the same markets differently. The answer to the question "what is an Asian handicap in betting" will help sportsbook users to bet on handicaps.

How is the Asian handicap calculated?

The sportsbook divides the placed amount into 2 parts between adjacent handicaps and calculates the outcomes:

  • win;
  • lose;
  • lose half of the bet and return of the second part;
  • win half of the bet and return the second part.

Thinking step by step without any notes and marks from yourself, "H" stands for "H" in handicap abbreviations such as H1, H2, H(1), etc.

The difference between regular and Asian handicaps.

Bookmakers include 2 types of regular handicaps in the list – fractional and whole.

When placing a bet on fractional handicaps, there are 2 possible outcomes: the bet wins or loses.

The sportsbook will calculate the bet on the handicap with a coefficient of 1.00 and return the entire bet amount to the account if the final lag or advantage corresponds to the value of the chosen outcome.

A zero in the market corresponds to a bet on a team victory without considering a draw. The bookmaker will arrange for a refund if the final score is equal. Understanding what a 0 Asian handicap and whole handicaps with a plus or minus mean can be exemplified by bet calculation.

A 500 naira bet with odds of 1.89 on Spartan's success in a match against CSKA with a 0 Asian handicap, the sportsbook will calculate depending on the outcome of the meeting:

  • "Spartak" won - winnings: 500 * 1.89 = 945 naira;
  • the teams drew - refund: 500 * 1 = 500 naira;
  • CSKA's victory will result in a lost bet.

A bet of 1000 naira on the hockey SKA with odds of 4.06 in a match against Sochi on an Asian handicap 1 (-5).

Calculation options:

  • A victory for the "army team" by a difference of 6 pucks or more - winnings: 1000 * 4.06 = 4060 naira;
  • SKA's success with a difference of precisely 5 pucks - refund: 1000 * 1 = 1000 naira;
  • The team's victory over St. Petersburg with an advantage of 4 pucks or less, a draw or Sochi's success - loss of money.

The player places a 2000 naira bet on Karen Khachanov's success in the first set against Daniil Medvedev at odds of 1.75 on the H (+5):

  • Khachanov wins the set, losing with a score of 2:6 or less - the sportsbook’s client makes a profit: 2000 * 1.75 = 3500 naira;
  • Khachanov's defeat with a score of 1:6 - refund of the bet amount: 2000 * 1 = 2000 naira;
  • Medvedev's 6:0 victory - loss.

Examples of betting work: win, loss, return.

Calculations in the sportsbook help beginners understand examples of Asian handicaps. Depending on adjacent handicaps and the positive or negative value of the market, there are 4 possible outcomes.

A bet of 1600 naira on the Asian handicap (+1.25) with a quote of 2.33 in the Manchester United - Newcastle match is calculated by the sportsbook separately: 800 naira for H (+1) and 800 naira for H (+1.5):

- If Manchester United wins or draws - the bet wins: 1600 * 2.33 = 3728 naira.
- If Manchester United loses with a difference of 1 goal - H (+1) is returned and H (+1.5) wins: 800 * 1 + 800 * 2.33 = 2664 naira.
- If Newcastle wins with an advantage of at least 2 goals - the bet loses. A bet of 5000 naira on the Asian handicap (-1.25) with a quote of 2.30 for PSG vs Real Madrid is split between H (-1) and H (-1.5):
- If the French club wins with an advantage of 2 goals or more, the income is: 5000 * 2.3 = 11500 naira.
- If Parisians win with a difference of 1 goal - H (-1) is returned and H (-1.5) loses 2500 * 1 = 2500 naira.
- In case of a draw or a Spanish club’s victory - the bet loses. The following continues with the format above. 

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Advantages Disadvantages
Presence in the betting lines of all sportsbook companies Betting lines for statistical parameters with handicaps are rare
Bets with insurance Difficulties in calculating the outcomes of bets for amateurs
Odds are higher than for whole markets


The user needs to understand what the Asian handicap 1 and quarter handicaps mean to reduce the number of losses on bets in sportsbooks. When calculating the widespread market, an outcome is possible where the sportsbook computes the return of half of the bet amount with a coefficient of 1.00, the second half - a win or a loss.


When should you use Asian handicap?

Fans choose the Asian handicap at sportsbooks when they need to place a bet with insurance. If the sportsbook client is not confident in the advantage of the chosen team, the Asian handicap will increase the number of outcomes when the bet does not lose.

When to bet on Asian handicap?

Bookmakers accept bets on the Asian handicap in live and pre-match lines. Experienced players place bets after preliminary analysis, studying expert opinions and statistical indicators. 

What is the difference between European and Asian handicaps?

European handicaps can be fractional or whole. Fractional handicaps have 2 outcomes - win or lose. Whole handicaps have 3 options - additionally, it is possible to have a return of the bet if the final advantage or lag matches the value in the market. The peculiarity of the Asian handicap is 3 outcomes: win, lose or a return of half the bet and the calculation of the second part of the win or lose.


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