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What is a Handicap in Table Tennis Betting?

What does handicap mean in table tennis?

In betting, there are 2 types of handicaps - table tennis set handicaps and point handicaps.

Most singles tournaments are played until three-set victories. There can be from 3 to 5 sets in one match.

Game organizers accept bets on table tennis point handicaps for the entire game and each set. To win a set, a player must score 11 points. The minimum advantage over the opponent is 2 points - the game continues at 11:10 until one participant achieves a 2-point lead.

Types of handicaps in table tennis

The sportsbook offers different numerical values in table tennis markets. The numbers 1 and 2 in the markets refer to the first or second tennis player. For example, a handicap 2 in table tennis means the second athlete wins the match.


The bookmaker offers negative table tennis handicaps for the game's favourite. A bet will be profitable for the user if the athlete overcomes the market number and wins.

For example, when betting on table tennis for the handicap of -2.5, the sportsbook client will profit if the athlete wins by at least 3 points.

If the victory is by a difference of 2 points or less, or if there is a loss, the user will lose the money bet.


A positive handicap suggests a conditional advantage for the athlete in a game or match. Positive handicaps for outsiders can be seen in the markets. If betting on the total number of points, the tennis player might ultimately lose, but the sportsbook client will profit if the deal shows a points victory considering the initial advantage.

For example, a set bet on a 3.5 handicap in table tennis will bring income to the sportsbook client if the tennis player wins or loses by a difference of 3 points or less.

If the athlete loses by 4 points or more, the bet will be lost.


Zero handicaps in table tennis are bets without insurance. In ping-pong, tie outcomes in individual games and the match as a whole are excluded.

In case of a tie, the client will receive the bet amount back into his account - the sportsbook will settle with a rate of 1.00.

Examples of betting outcomes: win, loss, refund

Examples of bet calculations will help understand what a handicap means in table tennis.

When betting on fractional handicaps, there are two possible outcomes - lose or win.

In the meeting of Pavel Tsibik and Ondrej Knazik, a sportsbook client bet 600 naira on Tsibik with a -1.5 handicap in table tennis with a coefficient of 2.76.

Calculation options:

  • Tsibik wins with a difference of at least 2 points – win: 600 * 2.76 = 1656 naira;
  • If the first athlete wins with a more minor point difference or any loss – lose.

In Alejandro Merino Peni and Antonio Gonzalez Gutierrez's match, a user in live bets 1000 naira on H2 (+8.5) with a coefficient of 1.795 based on the total number of points scored in the game. To calculate, you need to compare the number of points scored by the tennis players in each round:

  • Peni lost or won with a conditional score of 11:2, 11:13, 11:9, 6:11, 11:9 = 50:44, taking into account the positive handicap of 8.5 points, Gutierrez won – the bet will bring profit: 1000 * 1,795 = 1795 naira;
  • Peni's final advantage is 9 points and more – the user will lose the bet.

When placing a bet on whole markets, there may be a refund – the bookmaker will send the bet amount to the deposit if the final gap or advantage coincides with the value specified in the market.

Bookmakers rarely include whole handicaps in their table tennis listings.

A sportsbook client bet 800 naira on a tennis player during a round with H (-4) at a quote of 1.83.

Outcomes options:

  • The round score is 11:6 or the set ended with an even bigger advantage of the chosen tennis player – win 800 * 1.83 = 1464 naira;
  • The victory in the set was scored with a score of 11:7, an advantage of exactly in 4 points – the sportsbook will refund the sum to the player;
  • The tennis player won with a smaller gap or lost – lose.

The user placed a 300 naira bet on H (+6) during a round at a coefficient of 1.40.

Bet calculation options:

  • The tennis player lost the set 6:11, lost with a more minor advantage or won – win: 300 * 1,4 = 420 naira;
  • The athlete lost with a score of 5:11, a gap of exactly 6 points would result in a refund of the bet;
  • Lost with a score of 4:11 or with a more significant difference – lose.

What are Asian handicaps in table tennis?

The bookmaker splits the amount placed on the Asian market between neighboring handicaps, and at the end of the meeting, calculates each market separately.

When calculating Asian handicaps, situations may arise where the bookmaker will return part of the money to the player's balance.

Gambling organizers rarely offer sports fans to place bets in table tennis on Asian markets.

Examples of calculating Asian handicaps in table tennis

The player placed a bet of 700 naira on H1 (-4.75) with odds of 2.60. Sportsbook splits the amount between H1 (-4.5) and H1 (-5).

Calculation options:

  • the first tennis player won 11:5 or with a larger advantage - the win: 700 * 2.6 = 1820 naira;
  • the home player won with a difference of 5 points - H1 (-4.5) win and H1 (-5) return: 350 * 2.6 + 350 * 1 = 1260 naira;
  • victory of an athlete with a score of 11:7, a smaller advantage or defeat - loss.

The face value bet of 1200 naira on H1 (+5.25) in a party with odds of 1.90. The company splits the amount between H1 (+5) and H1 (+5.5).

Outcome options:

  • defeat of the first athlete with a score of 7:11, with a smaller difference in the party or victory - the win: 1200 * 1.9 = 2280 naira;
  • defeat 6:11 - return of H1 (+5) and victory of H1 (+5.5): 600 * 1 + 600 * 1.9 = 1740 naira;
  • defeat of the tennis player with a score of 5:11 and a larger difference - loss of the entire bet amount.

Betting strategies on the handicap in table tennis

Utilising effective strategies allows increasing the number of victories in the table tennis set handicap and the number of points gained. The strategies are associated with betting on negative markets for the favourite and positive handicaps for the underdog.

Criteria for choosing a negative handicap for the favourite:

  • the more skilled tennis player has a class advantage over the opponent;
  • the athlete is in good shape - has won 75% of the last 10 matches against competitors with a good rating;
  • the favourite has high motivation, the athlete is participating in a prestigious tournament, intending to go as far as possible.

Tips for picking a positive handicap for the underdog:

  • the weak tennis player is in good shape - in the previous 10 matches, no more than 2 defeats with a score of 0:3 in sets;
  • the athlete has been able to win in sets several times against higher class tennis players;
  • the favourite has low motivation, the leader has recently performed in a major and tough tournament or the current competitions - preparation for more significant contests.


How to accurately calculate a handicap bet on table tennis?

To calculate a bet on a handicap in table tennis, a user subtracts from the final result the numeric value in the market with a negative handicap or adds with a positive one. If the tennis player won with a handicap, the bet is successful. 

What is the difference between European and Asian handicaps in table tennis?

When placing a bet on the European handicap in table tennis, the user places a fractional or whole handicap. When calculating the fractional handicap, there are two options - win or lose, with whole - 3, an option to return the bet amount appears.

When calculating the Asian handicap, the sportsbook divides the amount in half between neighboring handicaps. In addition to winning and losing, a return of half of the bet amount is possible, or calculating only half of the win.


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