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What is a 2 0 Handicap in Football Betting

In the bookmaker's list, a handicap of 2 0 in football or handicap is denoted by H2 (0) - a bet on the guests' victory with insurance. If there is a draw, the sportsbook will arrange a refund of the bet.

What does handicap 2 0 mean in football?

If a fan understands what handicap 2 0 means in football, they can reduce the number of lost bets when choosing the winner of the match.

When placing an insurance bet, the user bets on a lower coefficient compared to the primary market outcome of the game. In the event of a draw, the sportsbook calculates with the odds 1.00 and returns the bet amount to the player's balance.

For sportsbook users familiar with handicap betting, it is easier to understand what handicap 2 0 in football means - a bet considering the notional advantage or disadvantage of one of the teams. Markets usually also specify a plus or minus. If there is a 0, the market indicates the possibility of a refund in case of a draw outcome.

The number "2" in the market indicates the placement of a bet on the second team in the line or the away team.

When should you bet on handicap 2 0 in football?

The H2 (0) market can be compared to placing a double chance bet. By choosing X2, the user bets on a draw in the match or the victory of the away team and receives a payout for any of the 2 outcomes.

The odds on handicap 2 0 in bets are higher, but in case of a tie, the player will not make a profit.

You should choose to bet on handicap 2 0 in football when the favorite is playing away, and the fan is confident - the visiting team will definitely not lose.

If in doubt about the guests' inevitable victory, it is worth placing an insurance bet on the zero handicap.

Betting strategies for a 2 0 handicap in football

Understanding what a handicap of 2 0 means will help to effectively use working strategies when placing bets with bookmakers.

Factors for choosing a market:

  • the away team is motivated to win;
  • the main players will come out in the starting lineup;
  • in the last 10 matches, the favorite did not have unexpected failures - loss of points in confrontations with lower class opponents;
  • the team plays reliably in defense - conceded on average less than 2 goals in the previous 10 meetings.

Betting Examples


Example of a 2 0 handicap in football: a sportsbook client placed a 1500 naira bet in a "Wolfsburg" - "Leipzig" match with a coefficient of 1.64:

  1. With a "Leipzig" win, the bet wins 1500 * 1.64 = 2460 naira the player will receive.
  2. With a draw, the sportsbook will calculate the bet as a refund and return 1500 naira to the client's deposit.
  3. A "Wolfsburg" victory - is the only outcome when H2 (0) would lose.

Understanding what a 2 0 handicap bet means is simpler than understanding negative and positive handicaps. The final match score doesn't matter; there is no need for additional calculations or to track how many goals the teams have scored. Winning or losing depends on the main outcome.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Return of the bet amount in case of a draw. The odds for a zero handicap are lower than for the winner of the match.
The final score difference doesn't matter.  
Odds are higher than for the double chance  
This market can be found in the listings of all bookmakers.  


The 2 0 handicap market in betting allows you to place a bet on the visiting club's victory, but get the money back on your balance in case of a draw. A motivated favorite in good shape will help win the bet.


When should you apply the handicap 2 0 in football?

Placing a bet on the H2 0 in football should be on a motivated favourite playing away when a user doubts the team's victory. 

At what point to bet on handicap 2 0 in football?

Bookmakers accept bets on handicap 2 0 in football in live and pre-match. Users place bets on a zero handicap after preliminary pre-match analysis, fully confident that the guests will definitely not lose.

What will be the score for a 2 0 handicap in football?

The match's score does not affect the pass of the bet on the handicap of 2 0 in football. The bet will profit from any victory of the away team.


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